Router Factory Reset

I recently installed a series of Cam 2 Outdoor floodlight and cameras,

Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, I had to reset my Routers (ASUS Mesh). This required that I physically reinitialize the cameras once again. I need to hire a contractor to do this work because several of them are high off the ground.
Does anyone have any recommendations so that I won’t have to do this in the future? I thought about static IP’s, but I’m not sure if that would fix the problem.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!

If you keep the SSID and Password the same, the Wyze Devices will just connect after resetting the ASUS. If you have to change your SSID or Password, then you will need to touch all devices to get them connected again.


Great to know. I wanted to add security to my network so I changed the password.

any thoughts on a separate network just for wyze?

Not sure which ASUS you have, but an option is to setup the ASUS Mesh and then experiment with a VLAN to separate IoT devices. Or get a second router and then connect it as its own router.

@R.Good does something similar to this. Then you can change your primary Password and SSID, but the second router would be configured with the current SSID and Password and only use it for Wyze.


This would indicate that if I created and SSID with the same password, they would all reconnect? True? Would definitely be worth the work.


Absolutely. I have used 3 different routers over time. Kept the same SSID and Password and the Wyze Devices connected immediately. Make sure you match the case of your current SSID as it is Case Sensitive.


I do have a separate SSID for IoT devices, and that SSID has moved to new APs a few years ago. In my case, both the old and new access points could support multiple SSIDs so it was easy.
There is a much longer discussion if someone really wants it…

I want it :slight_smile:

The weird thing about this is that I re-created the old SSID and password but it as a guest Network instead of a production Network. The spa reason being is that my router will not let me set up two separate 2.4 GHz networks.

However when I went back into my old cameras they were all on the new Netwerk but still not accessible and showing offline
See attached

Any thoughts on this?


Bob Wegman
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