Wyze Hub - Hub or Smart Home Hub

I’m slowly moving towards a Wyze Smart Home.

But my Wi-Fi provider’s a loser. That goes with being the only dsl line provider in the area (non cable).

I think I am getting throttled by my Isp too! So, my current 21, full (6) n part time (15) devices. Now have hit the limit!

Is there a way to connect all the devices (7 bulbs, 1 sensor, 1 motion detector, 1 outlet, 2 cams to date) to a a hub or a smart home hub?

What I am trying to do, is reduce the number of modem router requests.

I have plans to add more devices (10+).

Will a hub / smart hub help?

If so, what brand is the best, least expensive and most efficient?

I no don’t want stop! Just short of the scale!!! :wink::confused::innocent:

You can buy your own Wi-Fi access points and connect them to the router your provider offers. Should be able to replace the modem as well. I don’t use any of Spectrum’s (my provider) equipment on my network.

That said, I personally would prefer a hub and devices using low power radios to ease IP congestion on the subnet and to reduce overall power consumption.

You probably just need a wireless router that does a better job handling multiple connections. As @wayneluke mentioned, you should be able to connect that to the equipment your ISP provided. Occasional requests to turn things on and off shouldn’t affect actual network speed noticeably. None of the devices require very much bandwidth, so I doubt your ISP is throttling you. (At least not based on the Wyze devices.)

But your airwaves can get congested with a lot of devices maintaining connection to the router, and that’s where a router upgrade can help you.

Think about it this way… If your camera has motion events solidly for an hour, (Which isn’t likely) it’s only sending 12-second clips to the cloud once every 5 minutes. That’s about 2 1/2 minutes of video per hour, at an absolute maximum. Realistically, your cameras are probably sending far less data than that.

Mine gets triggered around 50 times per day, which works out to about 10 minutes worth of video in total. They compress the videos quite a bit, so bandwidth-wise, that works out to around ~125MB per day, or 3-4 GB per month. Your ISP isn’t limiting you based on that kind of usage, I promise. If you’re watching a 10-minute YouTube video, it’s probably using more data than your camera would use in a day based on that kind of usage.

Bulbs and plugs and sensors require almost no data. I haven’t tried to sniff the network traffic, but I’m sure you’re talking about kilobytes per day for those. I doubt it’s a megabyte. There’s just not that much data required to send/receive a request that says “On” or “Off” or “2700 Kelvin” or “50% Brightness” or whatever. If the data is structured well, it probably requires more data for me to write it out in English, as I just did. Haha.

Ok, I kinda get it!

But various speed tests point to my ISP. My ph is 22.0 MPS.

Not Blaming Wyse products at all!

I had this same set-up since June no problems.
They all worked just fine til 2 wks ago.

I conducted a Laptop speed test (direct connect) and verified my not so normal 0.8 Mps download speeds.

I’ve Never had more than 1.1 Mps from a sorry national provider (8 yrs).

I contacted my Modem / router provider last wk and as you pointed out. These device don’t take up bandwidth or create congestion.

So, he instructed me to shorten the DHCP lease times.
Which I did from 12 down to 4hrs.

I will also try changing the Bandwidth Pipeline from 20 MHz to 40 Mhz (lower)

So, I am trying to obtain a temporary fix. Until I go 4G hotspot Unlimited. Rather than bother with provider throttling and or 1970 internal phone lines n wiring.

I replaced the ph companies junk modem / Router (Bitsurfer?). With one that ran just fine til now.

Hate to buy more stuff that will need to be replaced, for 4G or 5G hotspots n alike.

Thanks for the reply!

I will look into the subnet configuration mention in the other post too!

Wyse was never the problem as I intended to state, from the very beginning.

But, this is a busy n has been a very busy year ( caring for an aging Vet.) My Dad,

He’s 97 with dementia and I am trying to get his finances straightened out. As he battles us to remain relevant. While letting things financial go to waste!

So, any n all help is always appreciated! Thx!