How much strain on wifi

Hey I’m looking at getting alot from wyze. Plugs, cam, lights. As their is no hub how much strain does it put on wifi would you notice any lag on let’s say downloading on a computer while all your wyze devices are using the wi-fi?

Thank you

I have 10 cams, 2 plugs and 1 light plus some Sense stuff and I don’t notice any degradation. However I use Hue lights primarily because they connect to a hub not my WiFi. I think if I switched all 14 Hue lights to Wyze that would probably cause me issues.

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I have four cameras, four bulbs, six plugs, and multiple sensors. However, only three of the plugs are enabled at the moment. I haven’t noticed a difference but every not created by Wyze is using the 5 GHz radios not 2.4 Ghz. Plus I don’t enable the cameras when we are home.

However, I doubt I’ll be investing in more Wyze bulbs or plugs unless they provide a low power radio hub to get things off of WiFi. I also use Hue Bulbs and not only are they easier to set up but don’t use as much electricity when idle.

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I have a total of 52 smart devices (cams, bulbs, plugs) and 20 laptops, computers, tablets, Alexa devices, and phones on my WiFi system. Things add up fast when there are 4 tech-heavy people in the house.

  • My main router is a Netgear RBK50 with 2 satellites and my internet service (Spectrum/Charter) is unlimited data 400+MB/s (DOCSIS 3.1 modem).
  • For the smart devices I currently use a total of 6 Netgear and tp-link 2.4GHz WiFi Range Extenders (only use the versions that are 2.4GHz only) to connect to the RBK50 mesh system and each serves a specific set of devices.
  • The laptops, computers, tablets, Alexa devices, and phones are the only devices that connect directly to the main (RBK500 router and its satellites.

Sorry, but you must have a WiFi and internet infrastructure sized for reliable operation. If you get by with less you are lucky, but for how long.