Advice sought for Network issue

I’ve added a bunch of stuff to my home network that all use the 2.4ghz band. I have 7 Wyze cameras, a Cloud Cam, 9 Wyze bulbs, Wyze plugs, plus Wemo plugs too. I have Alexa pucks (4 of them). I also have Wyze sensors too. About 43 total devices between the 2.4ghz and 5ghz.

I have TVs and other stuff that use the 5ghz without any issues. The issue is that I think I’m maxed out with the 2.4ghz at 30 devices which includes ALL the Wyze products. I know they say 255 devices but I think I’ve maxed it out. I have some devices go offline and online intermittently. And I can’t connect to the 2.4 with my iPhone or laptop. It just says “can’t connect right now.”

The first thing I did was call Cox Cable. The repair guy came out, tested the system, and then told me there’s nothing wrong with the cable service or my equipment. But he didn’t seem to know what the problem is but didn’t ask about how many devices I actually have. You’d be surprised to hear (or I’m just not looking in the right spot) but there’s like nothing out there with people having the same issue. I found ONE Reddit comment suggesting you can max out your WiFi with too many devices. I’m guessing that’s the case.

The solution I’ve cooked up in my head would be to add a second router and change half the devices to use that router. I won’t know if it works until I try it. I was wondering if any of you think that will solve my problem. A computer nerd friend told me that Wyze cameras create a lot of network “chatter” and that I would really just be sharing that chatter over two networks instead of one. But I figure there has to be a solution to this because hotels have 100s of guests using their WiFi simultaneously.

So I’m looking for someone who knows home network stuff. I find it hard to believe there aren’t more nuts like me out there who are truly trying to automate everything who have run not into the same issues.

Any advice? Is two routers the way to go?



I was having the same kind of problems. ATT combination box (router & modem) and pushing 50 devices.
Bought an Eero mesh system and set it up as a stand-alone WiFi connected to the ATT box, just using the ATT as a modem and migrated my stuff over to it. No problems with Wyze devices at all. Now it handles the wifi and ATT box handles the internet connection end. No more problems and things are fast and so far reliable. Specs on the Eero say it will handle up to 128 devices per node but recommend only about 30 per for heavy gaming/streaming use. You can add as many nodes as you need. I’m pushing 60 now and it’s pretty smooth.


If you’re WiFi is on a cable company router, that could be a problem since they are very basic and not all that good. I have in the high 30’s of devices connected to WiFi at any given time and never have any bandwidth or connection problems at all. That includes heavy streaming since I got rid of regular cable TV and use Hulu Live for TV.
I have a Linksys EA8300 Max-Stream AC2200 router connected to my Cable modem. The router isn’t top of of the line, but when I bought it, it was at least upper middle end of routers and far better than an ISP provided all in one.


I’m currently running 44 devices with no slowdowns or issues of any sort and I will be adding more devices in the next few weeks. And then even more when they come out with their outdoor cameras. I’m using a Netgear Orbi mesh router system. I live out in the country in southern Iowa and get my Internet off of a dish from Rise Broadband. So it’s got to be your router because I do not have the best set up in the world. Living out here you’re very very limited in choices

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