Intermittent connection with 2 cameras. Help!

Just received 2 wyze V2 cams from Amazon earlier this week. Was excited to see how easy they were to set up. Joy was short lived when i found out the cameras present -90 or -27 errors on and off every 10-20 minutes. The camera will run for a bit, then i’ll try to log in again 10 minutes later, and i get errors. Rinse/repeat.
Before I return these wanted to try for any ideas. I’ll walk through my configuration:

2 cameras. One on latest firmware, one on stock (was wondering if the new firmware was causing problems, so i left one stock)
-90 errors and -27 errors happen on both local network and remote.
When the errors happen the blue light is either blinking, or solid. Doesn’t seem to be a correlation
The light will go from solid blue to blinking blue, and back to solid frequently.
The intermittent connectivity happens with and without SD card installed
I’ve reflashed one of the 2 cams using the SD card to the latest firmware - no help
I’ve assigned static IPs (MAC address allocation) to both cameras - no help
My router channel is set (not auto)
My 2.4Ghz is set to run on 20Mhz - No help
I’ve removed and readded the cameras multiple times. No help
I’ve factory reset the cameras - No help
I’ve lowered the resolution to SD. No help
The cameras are about 20’ from an Asus AC-68U running Merlin firmware
I have a 150Mbps/15Mbps connection. Tested to those speeds. I have about 15 clients on the 2.4Ghz band on the router. (many are passive and take no bandwidth almost).
I’ve gone through everything Wyze support has suggested - no help

Wyze support had me run “RouteThisHelps” app and send them the info. The bottom line conclusion was " the Comcast “performance plus” which has Upto 150 Mbps is only good for Up to 8 devices at a time and as per checking your routethis result, the devices that are connected to your network right now is more than 15 and it is the possible reason for your intermittent connection between the camera to your router."

I asked him how the number of devices on a network using no bandwidth would affect connectivity. No real answer. Said to unplug devices and try again.

Never mind the fact that my Foscam and my random chinese camera have had no issues at all.

I think i captured it all. Any ideas or help appreciated. I’d love to get the working as they’re pleasant looking and the app is nice (compared to these random chinese cams).


So did you test by reducing the # of devices below 8?

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I haven’t. That’s my next step, but it’s a pretty big pain in the rear, and it doesn’t make any actual sense. Comcast uses “8 devices” based on 8 streaming devices at once and the available bandwidth. It’s arbitrary.

Either way, if that is the solution, these cams won’t work for me.

I had Comcast myself. Their modem/router devices are terrible. I put theirs in Bridge mode and bought my own router. It solved a number of issues for me. Good luck with yours. By example I have a little over 40 devices on the 2.5 Ghz band including 6 cameras.

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I have had 4 Wyze Cams, 3 v2s and a Pan, for almost a year, and over the last few days they have all been popping on and offline constantly. If it were just one I would think it was that cam, but it is all 4. I have a laptop with Windows 10 and I use BlueStacks 4, Android 7 emulator, and Tinycam Pro to monitor the 4 Wyze cam outputs. I have also seen the behavior on my Android smartphone in the Wyze cam App, when I check the camera status. This tells me it is not my network or the laptop, something at Wyze’s end, all my cams show up to date on firmware. Your symptoms may not be the problem at your end. My gear has been working fine since I set it up almost a year ago, it has been only over the past week that things have been weird, and nothing has changed with my gear. Even as I am typing this I am watching the camera feeds blink off and on. I wonder if they are having server problems.

I don’t think so but its possible. All 6 of my cams are fine, and a friend manages a site with over 50 of the V2 and 10 of the Pans, he is not having any issues. Most folks having these issues are fighting WiFi interference which can be hard to diagnose without the correct equipment. You can try changing the channel on your router but not all of them allow that.

Just is case, I ordered a Synology RT2600ac to replace my older Netgear setup, I may use the old router to extent the wifi.

Please let us know how you make out. Its frustrating for sure!

I am not thinking that this will solve the problem, although I have lusted after the Synology for a while and am using this as an excuse to get one. As you say it may be a wifi problem, I am using a Netgear EX6120 wifi extender, for all 4 cams, which may be going bad, but the Netgear router seems fine so it may work as a wifi extender.

I have heard good things about Synology in general so enjoy. I know that 5 years ago my wifi worked fine but now the 2.5 GHz band is very crowded and even the 5 GHz band is getting jammed. I now use fixed channels and do a wireless survey every couple of months and adjust if necessary.

Well, no news really. Tried setting the cameras on the QoS system to highest priority…still intermittent connections. Guess they’re going back to Amazon.

By the way QoS will not address channel congestion or crosstalk the two most common wifi issues. Just thought you should know. It basically does not address ANY wifi issue other than too many devices on your own network competing for bandwidth.

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I swapped out the old Netgear router for the Synology, all else is the same, works great. I guess my 6 year old Netgear router was the problem, only thing changed on the network, I am even still using the Netgear wifi extender with same setup. You were right, wifi problem, and I am getting better signal strength all around. No more cutting in and out, Wyze cams are stable. Thanks!!!

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I am glad it worked out for you!

I’m glad it worked for you as well, however, it strikes me as a little off that only the Wyze cams have a problem with the network. Other cams and hardware, no issues at all.
Seems to me Wyze has a problem with their network stack, and is trying to push it onto other hardware.

Possible, but live video is a pretty demanding application especially HD quality. In general the only other devices that use that much bandwidth in a home environment will be video streamers. Hulu, Netflix etc. And Hulu is notorious for stuttering and buffering on WiFi networks. When you take four streams at once if your router is not pretty good you will have issues. My sons Xbox used to lag like crazy until we replaced our older Netgear router. Then, poof, no more lagging.

I’d generally agree if my other cams had similar issues. However no stuttering or issues when kids stream Netflix or YouTube.
And setting the wyze to SD didn’t help at all.
Frustrating really.

You may want to research your router, most domestic routers can’t handle more than 20 - 30 devices

Modern gaming Netgear routers can handle 70 devices

I had a similar issue, wyze cams were fine, it was my light switches & nest devices that dropped the most often

I ended up getting a business router that supports 120 WiFi devices & 250 DHCP devices as my old router had issues with more than 25 WiFi or 30 DHCP devices

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Best example I can give you is two identical cameras. 2 inches apart. One has low signal strength and intermittent connection issues. The other is solid. Swap their places, now the camera with the problems previously is fine and the one that was fine has issues. It’s not the cameras, it’s localized interference. In slang it’s a “dead spot”.

2 inches does not seem to be enough distance to cause those issues but it is.

As a last trial i hooked up an Apple Airport Time CApsule hard wired into my router, and connected only the Wyze cams into that wireless network. So that device only has 2 devices on it…let’s see!