Intermittent connection with 2 cameras. Help!

Good idea, but remember I was more talking about wireless interference than device count as the potential issue. Wireless problems can be either dead simple to find and fix, or take a room full of experts and the resources of NASA :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Right. But this should address the concept that there are too many devices on the router.

Depends on whether the apple airport thing has its own DHCP server & whether itโ€™s used

The cameras are still pulling their IPs from the ASUS router assigning it as a static one, yet the cameras have been reliable since this afternoon, which is longer than every before. Maybe I did have โ€œtoo manyโ€ devices on the ASUS, but iโ€™m still convinced the Wyze cams are maybe too sensitive to network blips.

Hopefully they keep working connected to a secondary router.

And SD cards, and low power on USB cords, etc.

In my house itโ€™s my Visio Soundbar that seems to be sensitive to power blips the most. Followed by my Alexa enabled wall clock. (Yes I love gadgets) however NONE of my gadgets except for my Router seem to react well to power brownouts or โ€œflickersโ€ that we have now and again. Go figure. About the only things that donโ€™t recover from full power failures is my Hue Hub and my cheap Linux computer.