Too many Wyze products causing issues

I am very pleased with the Wyze products and really don’t want to return any or give up, but I am losing patience.
I have 4 Wyze Cams, one Cam Pan, several Wyze Bulbs, and quite a few contact sensors and 2 motion sensors.
I started with one cam, then added the cam pan, loved the results, added another cam with the Wyze Sense Starter Kit and 3 bulbs, everything was great really.
Then I bought several more sensors, installed 4, and the whole dang thing came crashing down. Now I can’t keep connectivity regularly on any device and I am considering just returning everything I can.
100% not what I want to do, but I hate looking at the app and seeing the “offline” symbol next to virtually everything. I worked with Wyze support and they acknowledge my upload speed is adequate from my ISP, so they too are at a loss.
I’d welcome some ideas and will try to make this work if anyone can help me solve this.

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The usual response is to make sure you have strong WiFi to your router. It helps, sometimes. And some routers have issues with too many devices. Sorry you’re having trouble.

i’ve used apps to check my wifi strength, it is strong at the location of any of these devices. I do wonder about the router and, considering that I likely will have to at the very least delete and reinstall the Wyze devices i can keep, getting a new router isn’t out of the question. I will say it worked 100% fine until i added 4 additional contact sensors (which are all now deleted and offline)

Yeah that’s the weird part. They aren’t even WiFi.

Although “too many Wifi devices” can, yes, overwhelm a network, let me provide some contrast.

Our “security gear”, consists of cams, door sensors, motion sensors. We have numerous smart power switches and door locks (EDIT: not Wyze products!).
We have Google Homes in every room. We have a number of laptops powered up and running. We have two laser printers. Two smart TVs. We have a number of desktop machines. We have two smart thermostats. We have 4+ smartphones.
There’s a Nest cam 50+ feet away from a repeater, in a straight line through 2 sheetrock walls and one brick wall (a smart switch is also located nearby). Another Nest, on that same repeater, is on an oblique route through 4 walls + a brick wall.
We have one V2 about 30 feet away from the main router. The other Wyze cams are each about 20-30 feet from a repeater, in a straight line through ONE wall.
When I check Smart Home Manager, the Wyze cams show three bars, the remote Nests and smart switch show one bar.
All these products (EDIT: not Wyze products) that have less than optimal connection quality work flawlessly and deliver quality video feeds and are responsive.
When I tap into the Wyze app, this is what i see 80+% of the time … this is one example … the error codes fluctuate, sometimes it’s one cam, sometimes two. but what’s consistent, is the cams struggle to provide any quality of service.


I am in the exact same boat.

The crux of the biscuit.

It seems to be approaching the point where some Wyze products have been pushed to the point they will only work well in near ideal conditions.

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I presume that Wyze support suggested this, but just out of curiosity, what happens if you gradually remove the newer items? How long does it take to hit a point where the remaining devices start working properly again, if ever?

OK, so even with all new devices removed, nothing Wyze works? But you can still use the internet with other apps/devices/TVs/etc? So the router doesn’t sound completely fried…

With the good WiFi strength, I presume there’s not a lot of interference / overlap from neighbors, etc?

How hot are your sensor bridges?

Yes, delete and reinstall Wyze devices slowly sounds like it might reveal the weak point.

i tried the above suggestion, removing items and one by one adding them back on; worked for a bit but now back to the same connectivity issues. Sad because that outdoor cam they added would have been a good fit but the product is just too unreliable anymore.

Similar issues. Worked until it didn’t and now can’t even get the sensors and cameras back online. Tired of deleting and re-installing!

I love the new releases, but I’m scared to buy anything else for fear of downtime issues.

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