Reliability of Wyze Cams

Well I have been very patient with all the cameras in the house. I have finally had enough of the consent dropouts , lose of connection, inability to reconnect without resetting power, just plain unreliable.
I have researched different cameras mainly POE Cams. I think Wyze has a big WiFi issue.
Latest prob cam went offline now it won’t even reset, say hello to Mr. Garbage Bin.

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I’m not defending Wyze. But I encourage you to check something else. Something else that we tend to overlook. And could be the cause of some of our network problems. Device Count Limit. I would use some tool, like Fing (free, runs on iOS or Android) and use it to count total number of devices on your net. Then look up the specs on your router. Does the actual count exceed the router specs? That could be your problem, with devices dropping off line.

I think we forget theirs a hard number limit to the number we can put on our WiFi networks. And we don’t see the problem developing as we add more devices. Then when we are hit by it, we don’t recognize it. It may not be your issue that you are having. But I hope this helps a few that read this. I happened to me, and dumb me, twice. The second time was years after the first, but I should have been paying attention.


Thank you for the advise. I’m aware of the limit. But this last cam is not resetting on power up at all.