Events not being recorded

I have 3 Wyze indoor cameras, and 1 outdoor camera. Additionally, I currently have 5 Wyze bulbs, 2 Wyze plugs, 2 motion detectors, and 5 contact sensors in place. I also have numerous other cameras - Blink, Amazon web cams, and other devices such as phones iPads, Amazon Fire tablets, etc. I also have a lot of connected devices, such as wired Rokus, laptops, web drives, etc. All my devices, especially the Wyze items, get updated regularly when such updates become available. I have a 1GB internet connection. At last count, there were 41 wired and wifi devices on my system; some wifi devices are connected to the 2.4Ghz band, and others are connected to the 5.0Ghz band, but obviously, some devices will only connect to the 2.4Ghz band. All this is background info to request comment about what may be the issue or issues associated with my problems.

I have noticed repeated failure on some Wyze devices. The contact sensors will not turn on lights, even though they worked well before via a correctly established set of rules. Different contact sensors have stopped communicating with the bridge, and even after changing batteries, or replacing the sensor itself, it has difficulty communicating. It is obviously difficult to remove a sensor from its location to get it closer to the bridge since the contact sensors are stuck in place. Besides, the contact sensors are only 10 feet away in line of sight from the bridge. After multiple attempts to connect, it does not. What is frustrating is that when I am about to quit, and try one last time, the contact sensor connects, even though I have done nothing different from previous attempts.

One light bulb has refused to connect to the system, and even after the bulb was swapped out with a new bulb, the new bulb would not connect. I provided the info on the bridge to Wyze support a while ago, but they have not responded. I do not believe the bridge is defective. Maybe Wyze also knows that, and has no way of determining the problem so has not responded.

The worst issue is that some of the cameras fail to capture events. For example, there is a camera in the living room, and an event is captured by someone leaving the living room. However, there is no recording of that person entering the living room, so obviously, the camera is not picking up that event. The Amazon web cam picks up both the entering and departing images and records both. The Blink cam does the same. But the Wyze does not.

On all Wyze cameras, at one time or another, person detection does not work. Motion or noise activates the recording, but there is obviously someone in the recording, but there is no alert of that, only of “sound” or “motion”. So now here is the fury. I have forwarded some of those recordings to Wyze, but obviously, submitting multiple recordings every day would be tedious.

Are there too many devices on my system? If there are too many devices, will adding another bridge help? Or do I need two separate internet connections?

Or are the Wyze products physically defective? Or is the build of a firmware defective?

I have built my system around Wyze products because they seem to provide a reasonably inexpensive total solution to home automation, but I am beginning to think that they are focused more on getting new products into the pipeline than supporting the existing products.

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In a nutshell Wyze products for the most part are nothing more than toys with marginal, and often, sub-standard firmware, software and support.

To quote Sheldon’s room mate before Leonard “Run Dude, run fast, run far”.

Your example of camera in the living room
(1) Event is captured by someone leaving the living room but no recording of that person entering the living room.
(2) Both Amazon cam and Blink cam records both, But the Wyze does not.

Guessing here: when the Amazon & Blink cams are fighting for air time to record the same event, the Wyze cam loses out. You could try putting Amazon & Blink to sleep awhile and try again.

As for the contact, motion etc. There is a lot going on there, too difficult for my pea sized brain to diagnose. Might you also have a WiFi sniffer to map the traffic? :thinking:

Check this link out regarding sensors as well.