Minimum DSL Speed

I have a remote property with 10Mbs down and 1 Mbs up. I want to install two v3, to keep an eye on the property. Is the speed sufficient for CamPlus Lite, SD recording and occasionally checking live view remotely on my iPhone?

I believe it should be fine, but I have nothing to base it on except for my data usage.

Please note: Cam Plus Lite is handled on the AI Servers and the data is sent to AWS for processing, this is an upload impact. recording to the SD Card should not use data as that will happen locally. The Viewing aspect is a direct to your phone from the camera after the connection has been established.

All of that to simply provide a little insight, but also to say I think you should be ok. However, it may be better if you reduce the resolution though. To test this theory, you could set up a hotspot and see how it performs.

@R.Good @carverofchoice Either of you know if this speed is sufficient to stream 2 cameras.


Thanks for confirming my train of thoughts. I still haven’t purchased the cameras, so nothing to test yet - and I don’t want to buy the cameras and then get stuck with them if they don’t perform as expected.

I think it should be fine. On HD the camera records roughly 10GBytes per day, so, rough calculations:

times 10GB by 8 to make it gigabits = 80; add 3 zeros to make it megabits = 80000; divide by 24 to get per hour divide by 60 to get per minute, divide by 60 again to get per second = 0.926 mbps being recorded.

When I stream my cameras, V3s rarely even hit above 150 KBps ( 1.2 mbps). So you could probably have up to 7 cams streaming at the same time in theory, assuming you really get the full 10mbps guaranteed. I wouldn’t recommend that of course. But 2 should be fine, especially with Cam Plus lite only doing 12 second uploads no more than once every 5 minutes.


Thanks for cementing my “suspicions” :slight_smile:

My ISPs speeds are pretty consistent at around 9.5 down 09 up.

I believe you can get the from The Home Depot. Then return them if they don’t work for you.

But I bet you will be pleasantly surprised and keep them.

@carverofchoice , thanks for confirming

Gotta love Home Depot :slight_smile:

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Just realized my calculations were based on 10mbps up and down. For 1mbps up, you definitely couldn’t have 7 cams at a time and 2 in HD would be a strain.

With 1mbps up limit I would not run the cams on HD since if both try to stream at the same time it would exceed your limit. Run them on lower resolution.


True, I did indicate that lowering the quality may be needed. you just confirmed that as well


I wasn’t planning to run them in HD anyways. SD would be my Max. As I mentioned earlier, the cameras are going at my remote property, deep in a bush. Just keeping an eye for wind damage, bear/human break-in and entering. That kind of stuff.

Thank you guys for confirming that it would work.

This forum rocks, I wish I could say the same about Wyze Support/Development team :slight_smile:

I work from home and need more speed than that. I also have a large Wyze Device list connected as well. :slight_smile:

At home I have 100 Mbs down and 20 up. The 10 down and 1 up at the cottage, I find it sufficient for working using TeamViewer, streaming Netflix and connecting to my Plex sever at home. I don’t get any buffering. I just want to add couple cameras for when I’m not there.

If you can do that, then you should be ok. I would expect some issues if you are using TeamViewer and streaming Video while steaming your Cameras.

Curious as to what your service is at the cottage? I was reading up on StarLink, not that I am switching, more out of curiosity. I have been reading positive information and reviews about it.


While I am at the cottage I don’t need the cameras. Those are for when I am at home to keep an eye on the cottage. As a matter of fact, when I am the cottage I monitor the home camera in front of my garage, and all is okay. My wonders were if my ISP speed at the cottage is sufficient to run two cameras, one at the front and one at the back.

When I was getting internet at the cottage, StarLink wasn’t available. Now, that it is, it’s way to expensive. Having said that, the people I’ve talk too that have it, are impressed. The speeds top 175Mbs dow, not sure about upload.

My current provider at the cottage is Eastlink, DSL 10 down, 1 up. Never had any issues working from the cottage using TeamViewer, while the wife would watch a show on Netflix os YouTube. TeamViewer is not a hog as all the processing is done on the remote computer. It only needs 2-3 Mbs. Same goes with Netflix.

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Since this is not your primary residence, and I am not sure how far it is from your house. I would also recommend a WiFi enable plug. This is to help if you need to reboot the cameras (Power Cycle). Many don’t think of that and when something happens, they have no way to power cycle. Wyze makes plugs and others do as well.

Just wanted to let you know. If you do get a plug, make sure the power recovery state is on, in the event you lose power. Then you can be assured it will come back on when power is restored.


I think the connection downtime will be partially resolved very very soon with the Wyze Mesh Router.
It is already FCC approved.
Soon come

Thanks for the heads up brother!

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My Pleasure.

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Which one would you recommend? The Wyze Plug or the Wyze Plug Outdoor ?

If you get the Plug from Wyze, I would get the regular Plug for use indoors.