200-250 GB a month with 18 cams all on CamPlus

I have 2 networks on my property, one is for Wyze-Cams and Non-Wyze Alarm panel (low data usage)

The other network is for everything else, wanted to keep cameras on their own network.

My monthly usage with 18 cams all on cam-plus has been between 200-250 GB a month.

Not a problem, not looking for a solution. Just an observation.

Post your camera(s) monthly data usage if you know it


that seems like quite a bit! do have them on a screen of some sort doing a full time live view? that would be one of the few ways I could see them eating through that much data.

I think right now I have 20 active cameras and I dont use that much bandwidth…it does seems kinds odd just on their own.

In theory, they should only be sending video up for analysis when the camera detects motion using onboard detection.

If your traffic is typical and Wyze has millions of cams out there, even at a one percent CamPlus take rate, that’s a staggering amount of video going up to Amazon.

They have got to get local AI going again.

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higly agreed. Ive not done the calculation on say an average “1 minute” cam plus video sent up for AI filtering.

and thats guessing the plus videos are only one minute long :slight_smile: but they would have to be nearly constant to be using that much. maybe overlooking time square :thinking:

I’ve one V3 camera running cam plus set outside. I had the settings a little off with the IR lights on and it had been recording virtually constantly due to what was probably tree pollen or small insects.

I’m still playing with the settings.

For the same reasons Gemniii stated Bugs, Dust/Pollen etc… Especially at night. Shadows of the trees moving during the day. \

If I don’t use the Person search in events and have motion selected I have many videos several minutes long most of the time.

I have just AI notifications on and search for “Person” only events and the AI does what it should.

I probably should adjust the sensitivity but haven’t and for now just let the AI sort it out