Lite to Plus data usage per month

I currently have 4 outdoor cameras on the lite plan with SD cards recording constantly, plus 5 other cams that I turn on manually and the original door bell. The doorbell is the only camera on the plus plan and I was thinking about getting the $99 yearly plan for all cameras. My question is how much data will be used uploading to the server? I am already close to my 1.2 TB limits with Cox since I cut the cord on cable tv.

Hard to answer. No motion = no motion events uploaded = near zero bytes. How many 12 second clips are currently captured by your Lite cameras, and how many of those motion events in reality would have lasted 1, 2, or more minutes?

You’re I hope aware that the Plus plan still doesn’t do any kind of continuous recording.


Yea, completely depends on usage. Generally 1080p video events are pretty small, but if you are in a high traffic area it can add up.

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I have 13 cameras that record 24/7 and I get about 70 notifications a day and this is my usage.

That is usage on your phone, which is only when live-streaming or using the Wyze app and notifications. The OP is wanting to know usage they will see on their home internet.


I’ll try and find that

See if this link helps

As many have said before, the Bandwith usage of your cams on CamPlus will be dependant on a slew of local variables that you control.

  1. Settings: The three main cam settings that will regulate bandwith usage are the Cam Sensitivity, the Video Quality, and effective use of Detection Zones:
  • High sensitivity = lots of full length motion events being constantly uploaded to the server for AI interrogation = high bandwith use

  • HD quality video is streamed in twice the file size as SD quality video.

  • Use detection zones to limit motion activated uploads in high movement areas.

  • On CamPlus, every motion activated event is sent to the server, back to back, full length up to 5 min, not just AI events. All Events, with no 5 minute cooldown pause in between.

  1. Where you have cams placed will affect Bandwith. High traffic areas or high movement areas will increase uploads. Avoid anything that can move with the breeze.

  2. How you use your app will affect your bandwith.

  • When away from your WiFi, live streaming cams or watching SD Playback will be uploading from your WiFi to your phone while also recording events to the server.

  • While on your home WiFi, viewing Event footage will be downloading video from the server and using bandwidth.

Some routers have the ability to log IP specific bandwith usage up and down stream. You may be able to see the usage of your doorbell on CP and use that as a guide to predict total usage with all cams on CP.