One WyzeCam is continuously uploading

I have one WyzeCam that seems to be uploading to the web continuously. It’s rolling, no RTSP firmware. I see on my router that it had uploaded 14GB per day.

It is set to only record on motion, with medium sensitivity and a detection zone enabled. It does have continuous recording to SD. Looking at the Wyze app, I only see 5-10 events per day. This is with the Cam Plus trial.

My theory is that a detection zone will cause the footage to always to sent online? This is blowing through my data cap and causing issues. It would also be nice if it was a lot more obvious what data is actually sent to WAN.

Any chance you have a live view up and the router is counting that data?

Good question, but no. I only have one device with the Wyze app, my phone. And the app is not usually running. Also, I didn’t mention it, but the camera isn’t shared.

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Strange. Maybe CamPlus routinely streams to the servers so it can respond more quickly or something? I did not think that’s how it works at all. I am assuming your few recorded events are not very long?

Correct, they’re usually ~20 seconds, one minute tops. And Wyze shouldn’t continuously upload, that’s the main reason why I’m switching from Nest to Wyze. Also, it seems that only one camera has this excessive bandwidth usage. The other ones are more around 1GB per day, which is still not great, but more reasonable.

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My Wyze cam is doing the exact same thing. And it is causing my WIFI to crash. I was just away for 4 days and all 3 of my other devices (iphone, ipad, computer) were with me so only wyze cam at the residence. Telus technician who has come to house 2 times and seems very knowledgeable said, looking at the account, that it is doing super large uploads every day and taking a lot of bandwidth. I had to disconnect it to see if the problems go away.