One Cam Uploading Like Crazy

So one of my four Wyze v2 cams suddenly started uploading like mad the last couple days, as told to me by my router (pic below). It’s one of two cams I have subscribed to CamPlus but the other one didn’t do this. Nor did the other non subscribed ones.

It went from a normal 200-400 MB daily upload to 15gb! Slowly creeping up over a 24h period and then back to normal.

Anyone else encounter this? And as I type this. Wyze is having their login issue. Related? I don’t know. Did my camera break Wyze? :smile:

I have 4 indoor V2 cameras pointing out various windows. They’re recording events every 5 minutes. For several days. Pretty much regardless of the sensitivity setting being 0 or 100. See if you also have a lot of event clips being uploaded when no motion is apparent in the clips. Which makes me wonder if this is why I see other posts tonight about server issues, like maybe they’re overwhelmed due to an overwhelming number of “false” event clips being uploaded. 2 indoor cameras don’t have this issue.

I checked and I didn’t have any more events than a normal day recorded. My other CamPlus-subscribed camera has more events actually, and it was nowhere near this. I’m going to contact support I think, something’s not quite right.