Data usage with Wyze Cameras

Is there anyway to figure out how much data a camera would use a month. I was thinking of getting a Cricket Wireless data only plan. It’s $25.00 a month for 10 gigs. Would that cover 2 cameras? This is for a vacation place.

The short answer is yes, probably.

The longer answer is it depends :grinning:. The 12-second Event videos average about 1MB each, so assuming you don’t do much live streaming the cameras could upload about 12 videos per hour and still come in under 10GB. That’s a lot of alerts per hour and most people wouldn’t even come close to that.

10000MB = 10000 videos / 31 days / 24 hours = ~13.44 videos per hour

Edit: It’s worth noting that with a 5-minute cooldown between video clips, a single camera is unable to upload more than 12 videos per hour for normal motion events. If you have 2 cameras that doubles, and if you have Wyze Sense triggering smart video alerts there is no 5-minute cooldown. However since you’re talking about a vacation place I assume it will not be heavily used 24/7 so you should be fine :smiley:

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So as thequietman44’s excellent calculations show, you have plenty of data assuming you don’t spend all day monitoring the live stream. That’s important to reiterate, I think. That includes anyone you may share the live stream with.