Using all my data

In the last two weeks I have had to double the size of my phones data plan twice. If I leave my cameras on I will use up my total 8G al.owance in another 2 weeks. Is there any say to stop my Wyse cameras from using all my data?

Assuming the cameras are sending video via another internet connection and not via your phone then you can do the following
1- use SD resolution vs HD
2- reduce the noise sensivity
3- shrink the active video motion capture area
4-add an sd card and turn off notifications. You can still view all video that is captured when you are in an hotspot ,wifi or free cell service area.
hope these help.

Lower the resolution per peterhting’s suggestion.

Hopefully you aren’t watching the cameras full-time from your phone. Whether you are in your home or out, make sure your phone is connected to a local WiFi source. When I’m out-and-about I only call up the app for a few seconds to look at a live feed or an alert. I don’t leave it running all the time without being on WiFi.

I have a 3 gig plan, and I never use more than 3% of it. I do have the cameras up all day on a WiFi iPad at home, though.

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Thanks for the advice. However, the cameras are already set at SD, I have cards in all cametas, and I have turned the sensitivity on both sound and motion way down. The only time I check things is when I get a notification. If I turn off notifications, why would I have the cameras in the first place? I want to know if someone breaks into my house. Is there anyway I can turn off live feed, and just see what has been recorded on my SD cards?

I guess I don’t understand how you are using so much data. The only time I check things is when I get a notification too. And I only use 3% of 3 gig a month. And I haven’t reduced anything.

Most of the time I’m at a destination and connected to their WiFi. It is rare for me to check much when I’m in the car.

So the only thing I can think of is you are always outside your home network and never on WiFi. Or, you’re doing something I don’t think you are describing, like having all the cameras connected to a hotspot…

So what do you do that uses all your data?

No idea. I could not connect my cameras to my Wi-Fi even though my provider assured me that they had turned off the 5ghz and just left the 2.4 active. So I purchased another router that only broadcast 2.4, attached it to my other router, and voila, I could connect the cameras. I don’t think this piggyback connection is causing the problem, because I have used it in the past to connect other things. Other than that, everything is set up as described. The first week, I used up my 2G allowance, so I changed it to 4G a month. Two days ago, I got a notice that I only had 10% of the 4Gs left, so again I changed plans to 8Gs. The cameras have only been set up since April 19th. Guess I’ll have to contact support and see if I can find a way to resolve this.

To what provider are your router(s) connected to? If your provider for the routers is cellular, then I can see a problem. If a cable company, I am mystified. Your cell phone is connected to your router’s WiFi, right?

No. My internet is thru mediacom broadband.

Is there a way to check what data is been used by your cell phone. Got six camera’s set to HD and Google Fi cell service and am using less than 1GB cell data a month. What other apps have you downloaded or used during the spike in data use ?
As an experment, can you turn off notifications then see if you data use drop off? Idealy you can track how much data you are using every day so you don’t have to turn off notifications for too long.

Haven’t downloaded any additional apps, but will try your experiment. Thanks.

I realize I’m a little late to this thread, but I was curious if I could get some clarification on usage . . . A little background first: I really only use my cameras to keep an eye on my dogs while I’m at work. If the cameras are on my home wifi, and I’m viewing the live stream from my phone on the office wifi, is that what could be causing so much data usage? Or is it event recording? Or maybe the notifications I have turned on? I haven’t seen the data on our home wifi usage firsthand, but my husband tells me that we’ve been using HUNDREDS of gb each month for the last few months. I feel like that’s outrageous!! I’ve read through several threads and haven’t seen any numbers that high . . . It’s gotta be a mistake, right??

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I have 24 Wyze Cams on CamPlus Unlimited, the average usage per camera is 7.3GB/month.
I am on a Truly Unlimited cellular data plan(s), Have one modem dedicated to Wyze cams, VOIP & Monitored Security System (Non-Wyze) The cameras are the main data users…

The VOIP and Alarm system use less than 250 Mb/month…

I found that I’m using a lot of data as well. Has any one received an answer to what may be causing such a high usage of data? I was forced to protect my home do to the increased criminal activity in my neighborhood and do monitor my 7 cameras a lot.