Crazy data usage

I have 3 wyze cams v2s and 3 wyze pan cams. I noticed one of the pan cams used a ridiculous 40GB data in 24 hrs. I went ahead and blocked this camera from accessing wifi. Next day I noticed another camera (v2) do the same including two 15 GB spikes within an hours period. I blocked this camera from my wifi too, I changed my password and enabled two factor auth. But now a different camera (another v2) seems to have picked up the habit and has used 35 GB overnight. This is all getting a little spooky!! Pls help me figure this out. I’m very close to disabling all cameras which would be a shame because they work so well for me !!! Checkout the attached 7 day history for the 3 rogue cams. They are using more data than my TV and XBOX!!


Your picture was blocked as a new poster. You can flag a moderator if desired. I have no viable theory for your issue but perhaps others will.

Bump… my camera has used 51GB in the last 24 hrs and nearly 200 gb in one week!!