Massive WiFi usage with Wyze Cams

I received an email today from Comcast, saying I am about to go over my 1.2 Terabyte limit that I pay for Internet access. I went and checked my data usage for the last 6 months, and on average I used 181 GB of WiFi a month. They said that in January, I have used 900.2 GB of data.

I called Comcast, and they asked me if I had added any items in my house that use WiFi. The answer is yes – I have added 5 Wyse V3 Cams. The Comcast agent said, yes, the video cameras can use a lot of data.

I don’t know what to do now except to pay an extra $50 a month for an unlimited Internet plan, or set my cameras to record only when they detect motion, and not record 24/7.

I have google Wi-Fi and I can look up devices usages individually. I have not seen any one of my 9 cameras use that much data. All 9 record constantly and I do have 1 outdoor cam that I turn on once in awhile. Not sure if you can check your cameras individually or not but I would try that route first. (All my cameras are on HD and have 32gb cards in)

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I can also check individual devices on my eero Pro mesh system. I checked my V3 cameras that stream 24/7 and I average about 25MB download per day but about 500MB-600MB upload per day. My V2 cameras average less, about 15mb download and about 210mb upload per day.

I don’t have a cap on my internet though.

It would help if you told us which app version, which camera FW version.
That happened about 2 years ago to me, where data usage jumped GREATLY. They redid the app slightly and it dropped back to “normal”.

Thanks. As far as I know, my version and firmware are the latest.

Wyze app version: v2.17.7

Wyze Cam firmware:

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