Camera's 3 & 4 now up and running!

Hi all
Two more cameras arrived in Aus this weekend all the way from the US so I now have most of my house covered!

I have to say the newest 2 (one v2 and one pan cam) seem to be a higher picture quality than my first two V2’s - one of which has been blurry since day 1. Maybe the components are different.

Everything looks great, however I have some trouble with connectivity (device is offline message) and IFTTT actions which fire, but get missed by the cameras. I’m guessing if I can’t connect to a camera via the app, maybe the wifi signal is too weak so the cameras don’t get the IFTTT action? Perhaps my wifi can only handle two cameras at once? I have something like 2MB up/50MB down.
Also, the USB cable that came with the V2 worked for about 10 mins then stopped delivering power. I switched it for another I had lying around and power was restored…weird but no big deal I suppose.
None of this is a problem - I’m still very happy with the cameras :slight_smile:

Your ISP’s 2Mbps upload speed is probably affecting the connection to your cameras. If you’re streaming from more than one camera at a time (outside of your network, not locally on your WiFi), then yes, you will probably have issues. Below is from the specs page for the V2.

Connectivity Requirements:
Upload speed 1.0 Mbps for SD and 1.5 Mbps for HD

Wonder why they specify Mbps rates. I have a couple cams up right now, and they are saying the HD stream is on the order of 100 kbps (1/10 of a Mbps). So it would take 10 cams to approach a Mbps. Maybe those requirements are to get the 12-second clip to the cloud in a timely manner?

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I’m sure that is the case, but I have also experienced similar issues with live streaming when my upload falls down near where @tombsc has. I almost never see 5Mbps upload as I was told by my ISP. It averages around three.

Same here averages between only 70 - 130KB for HD