Works on Wi-Fi only?

I am only able to look in on my camera when I am on Wi-Fi. Well I’m only on Wi-Fi when I’m at home so there isn’t much point. Is there something I’'m doing wrong? Thanks

Where is it getting stuck while trying to view your cams while on cellular data?


Mine is doing the same thing… Stuck on 3

Edit: Corrrected Mega to Kilo

This may have nothing to do with cellular data or wifi. It could be your internet connection’s upload speed limit in the location with the cameras.

When you are on the same wifi, other than the “connection setup”, your internet connection is not involved. I did an experiment to test that.

I also did another experiment to see how much data was coming into my internet router from Wyze cameras at other locations.

This is not directly measuring what the cameras are sending, so it is an indirect estimate. A v2 camera with little changes to what it is viewing will generate around 890 Kilobits/sec (or around 104 Kilobytes/sec) of outbound traffic. And with video that has a lot of motion in it, the data cannot be compressed as much, so higher bandwidth will be needed.

If you have DSL with for example 768Kbps up link speed, the link won’t be able to handle the outbound traffic created by your v2 camera, and data packets will be dropped.

You can test this.

From a PC at your home, run a speed test, and note the upload speed. If it is under 1.5 Mbits/sec there will probably be times that it will not be enough. Write down both up and download speeds.

If you have good mobile data connection at your home, turn off wifi on your mobile and do a speedtest. Write down both up and down speeds.

Now from your mobile connected to wifi using the same internet service run a speedtest. This will let you know how much your wifi is affecting up/down speeds.

Also do the speed test from your phone (from the location you are trying to view you home camera).

Go to the library, McDonalds, or some other location (work?) that has wifi you can use. From your mobile phone do a speed test. How does it compare to home?

Can you view the cameras from a good wifi internet connection that is not your home?


BuckEye said:

“A v2 camera with little changes to what it is viewing will generate around 890 Megabits/sec (or around 104 Megabytes/sec) of outbound traffic.”

You sure about those numbers? It better not be that much!"


Thanks for catching this. You are correct, it better not be 890 Megabits/sec :slight_smile:

It was Kilobits/sec and Kilobytes/sec (at least the post that the link was to was correct).

Sorry for the confusion.

I was not confused. I knew what you meant, but there might be some that wont. I can only wish I had that fast of an internet connection…


OMG I have no idea what you people are trying to tell me lol.

They are talking about what you connection speed is. You can go online on your laptop or desk top and google speed test and click om a site that does it. It will check your wifi speed while sitting at any location.

What I did with my phone was turn off the wifi and went down the street and also did it while at work using the same site to measure my connection just using my cellular data. Which in my case was SO SLOW-Thanks T Mobile. So I am thinking that my issue is with T Mobile.

Not sure if that make sense???




Ok, that made sense lol. I did a test at home and it was upload 10.6 and download 7.5. Does that sound like it is my home internet and not the camera? I hate not being able to use the camera unless I’m home. How would me being on the wifi to view the camera make the difference? I’m sorry I am clearly not tech savy. Thanks for your help though. K

I have the same problem. When it gets to 3/3 it starts over from 1/3 then the same thing over and over. On Wi-Fi it connects every time.

Had anybody found a solution to this problem?

The Wyze team is responding here:

You may want to follow that post.

I had the same problem. Restarting my cell helped.