Camera does not work away from home

My camera works at home but I cannot get the camera feed to work if I try to look at it when I am not home. At this point it is useless. Any ideas?

Have you enabled cellular data for the Wyze app? If so is your cellular connection strong?

How is your phone connected to the internet when not at home, via 3G/4G cellular data or public/company WiFi hotspot? Any error code you encountered during connecting to camera?

How do you do that? My cell signal is strong when I am connecting away from home.

It is 4G. It never gets past the first step of connecting to the camera.

As your Android I am not 100% sure on the settings as Android seems to change where things are and how they work with every version and manufacturer.

Hopefully someone with Android can jump in.

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Thanks. I changed the settings to 360 and it seems to work now

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Depending on Android version and phone manufacturer, there are apps permission where you can set which apps have access to cellular data and/or WiFi connection.

But I doubt its because of that, because you’ve already pass Wyze app login and already opening a camera live view, apart from that you also confirmed that you have a good signal.

Probably the video stream is using a different protocol than that of the Wyze app user interface, that could be blocked on your cellular provider network. Have you tried different SIM (cell. net. provider) or connecting through public, company or other home WiFi?

this sounds like symptoms of either the network or the wifi when they are bridging to each other.

do a speedtest one time on your wifi and again when you only have a mobile connection. something tells me your mobile connection is quite slow, either due to network congestion, provider or phone.

I was able to login using 360p. But it will not let me move the camera

Thanks for all your help. Will do.

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please let us know what the results are. this might be able to give us some insight to diagnose this better. :nerd_face:

@Bam was right, it could be the combination of poor/slow internet connection/signal at your home and/or your cellular provider.

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Probably slow internet at home. We had a lot of people over on Christmas day and our internet has been slow ever since. Guees I have to wait until the next billing cycle

as soon as they leave ( disconnect) it should open up bandwidth and speed right back up though. did you ever run into this issue before?

and for clarification, the reason I suspect network speed is because you got it working on the 360 connection which sends less data so its handled by a slow network much better and can complete the connection.

I think AT&T slows down when you hit a certain limit. It is super slow here. Outside of the house it was 85 mbps download and 50.8 mbps upload. At my house it was .19 mbps download and never registered for upload. I have dsl. It ia the only option besides sattelite which was not working either.

I have had it really slow but juat assumed it was AT&T problem.

Most likely your home ISP provider problem, this is the cause of the camera having problem streaming (upload) its video to you outside your home WiFi.

the mobile carrier speeds you provided are way more than enough to connect, but the DSL speeds you have seem to be whats causing the issue.

sorry we couldn’t be of more help and its something outside of basic trouble shooting causing the issue :cry:

I used to live in a VERY rural community, so I understand that struggle very much.