Can't view camera on my phone away from home

I have no problem viewing my camera on my phone when I am home, but I am unable to view it when I am away from home. It just keeps chugging through the steps and then it will try again. I thought it might be my phone, but it does the same on my wife’s phone.

Also, the temperature of the camera is approximately 100 degrees in a room that is 78 degrees. Why is it so hot???

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Do these cameras have a temperature sensor? Can I change it from C to F ?



When you are home, the camera streams within your local network so is not affected by your ISP’s upstream rate. Outside of the house it is, so that could be the issue. Or it could be a firewall issue on whatever wifi you’re connected to when away. Here is some troubleshooting guidance:


How are you measuring the temperature? I guess it doesn’t surprise me that the camera would be 22 deg above ambient when it’s working though.

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The cameras may at some future time be able to report temperature, but that is not implemented at this time.

Whenever I try to view who is in front of my door, it would take 15 seconds or more to go from “connecting” to “authenticating” to viewing. By then, the subject had moved on. This is all happening to my 2 wyze v2 and 1 wyze pan while my iphone is on wifi.

But if I turn off wifi on my iphone and access the cameras while my phone is on cellular data, the viewing happens in 3 seconds or less.

Both sources of internet are working. But it takes a lot longer if my phone is using wifi to access the cameras.

I’ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Then I re-added the cameras. Still the same behaviour.

Why would it take 15 seconds to view live stream when the phone is on wifi?

I assume you’re talking about a wifi network outside of your own home network. I’m far from an IP expert, but i would guess that something about the wifi you’re connecting to is taking longer to route the requests to and from the camera.

My wifi, the phone and cameras are all in my house.

The cameras are connected to the same wifi as my phone.

Why would the negotiation between iphone, cellular and cameras a lot faster than the negotiation between iphone, wifi and cameras?

My wifi is at 25 mbps. Wifi negotiation is slow.

My cellular lte is at 4 mbps. Cellular negotiation is fast.

I hope someone can find the answer to this problem.

I just tested mine and get the same connection time on both local wifi and cellular (about 2-3 seconds). The camera still has to connect briefly outside the home network to connect and authorize. Perhaps test the latency ( and compare your home wifi to cellular latency and see if there’s a big difference.

Other than that, all I can suggest is to file a support ticket and see if the Wyze tech support can help figure it out.

I have the opposite problem. When on any WiFi, either home or elsewhere, I connect quickly and the connection is stable and panning is very responsive. When on LTE which is over 100 Mb/s, it takes several tries to connect, the connection is very unstable, and panning takes several seconds if the connection doesn’t drop entirely.

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I’m already inside the house right in between the router and the camera.

Thank you for the ideas. I’ll create a ticket.

I am having this same issues… was there any resolution?

I am unable to connect to any camera via mobile app using mobile data - works fine on Wifi but if I turn on my VPN, it connects fine.
I live in the UK, so has access been blocked to UK mobile carriers?

Hello @GGMan and welcome to the community.

I have not heard anything about them blocking mobile carriers from the UK, they do not sell international yet, but when people acquire the cameras they have not made it so international users cannot use them. You could try contacting support and see what help they can offer.

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My cameras used to work on wifi, mobile data and vpn seamlessly and for some time until just recently. It only works on my network/ wifi now. As if someone decided to confine me to using only one network. Very odd and I’m losing trust in this product. Let’s face it, these are cheap cameras, so you get what you paid for.

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My camera used to work at home on wifi and away from home on cellular date. It stopped working away from home when I set up the camera to automatically connect without having to using email address and password each time I am trying to connect. That is when theh problem started. Now, it opens up at home on wifi, but when I am away from home it always asks for my email address and password. When I enter email and password I get a message: “Successfully logged in”, then immediate a message saying “Connection failed”. Please help!

What is this? Can you explain what you mean here?

Do you have a VPN on your phone? Disable it and then try to connect.