3 questions - re-order list, bandwidth, recording speed

Hi all,

First of all, thanks for this forum - today one cam wouldn’t connect, and I thought it was dead. Good thing I checked the forum, and found out it was only the power adapter - only a few months old too.

Couple of questions for the experts:

  1. I have 6 cams, and when I look at the list, I would like to re-order them, so that the most important is at the top. Any way to do that? Looks like right now they’re in order of when I set them up.

  2. I was wondering about bandwidth usage. I’m thinking the cam only uses bandwidth in 2 situations: when I’m actively watching a video, either live or from memory card, and secondly, when the cam records an event and sends a notification. Have I got that right?

  3. When it records to memory card, the recording speed is constant - changing it from SD to HD doesn’t affect the recording speed, correct? What is the record speed - is it HD?

Thanks a bunch.


  1. Yes. Tap the pencil in the upper right if the homepage of the app, then tap edit devices. On the right side you will see equal signs for each of your camera rows. Click and drag on those equal signs to reorder the devices. Don’t forget to click the done in the upper right and not just hit back to make sure these settings are saved.

  2. Yep, sort of. If by bandwidth do you mean internet traffic? Or local network traffic? Because if you are on the same network as the camera that you are viewing, after a quick internet heartbeat type connection all the traffic from that point should be direct from your camera to your phone or tablet on the same network. If you are not connected the same network as the camera, then yes all traffic for viewing the SD card footage and viewing live stream will use internet traffic. Events that are saved by the camera and uploaded to the cloud will always use internet traffic.

  3. By recording speed, do you mean frames per second or FPS? Changing the bitrate like you state does not change the frames per second recorded, the only way that changes is if the camera switches to black and white or night vision mode enabled. I’d have to double check but I believe the recording in color is 20 FPS and the recording in night vision mode enabled is 15 FPS for the V3? If you look at this text specs on the wyze website it will state that.

/Edit. Following back up, the fps listed above are correct per the tech specs.


Thanks so much Omgitstony, very clear, exactly what I was hoping for.

One more thing I was wondering, if you wouldn’t mind, when I view the cam on my Ipad in portrait mode and then switch to landscape mode, for the first second the image fills the entire screen, but then immediately shrinks a bit so that there are two black bars, top and bottom.
Is there a way to keep the image so that it fills the entire screen?

Thanks again.

The app is very much made for phone screen aspect ratios, and is not optimized for viewing on tablets in landscape mode. Here is a wishlist which I think you would be interested in supporting.

Vote on the button at the top and comment to support!

Thanks again Omgitstony,
It’s not a huge deal for me, I just find it curious that the image starts out using the whole screen, so obviously it works, but then it shrinks. Must be a reason somewhere, I suppose.


on edit, thinking some more about my bandwidth question, can I assume that if the camera is active, and maybe recording to my memory card, but there are no events or notifications, and I’m not watching on my Ipad, then that also means there is no network traffic, neither local nor internet?

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I would assume the same, but I believe there would still be some type of heartbeat or “phone home” to tell the system that the camera is online, but that would be miniscule.

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