Slow to connect to cams on cellular, but fast on wifi

Hi all, when I’m using the Wyze App (iOS 15, iPhone 13 Pro), it connects to my cameras with no problem when I’m on wifi. Typically will connect to multiple cams all at once in under 2 seconds. (I have 10 cameras total, but only 3-4 visible at once on the camera groups screen.)

However, using cellular, it will take about 45 seconds to connect, and after it connects, there’s another 15-30 seconds of the video freezing, bandwidth rate would hover around 10KB/S to 0 before finally it starts to work properly with the bitrate going up to 45KB/S or so.

I have 4G service and granted it’s not the fastest speeds on cellular. But on I do get 6-15 Mbps on average in both upload and download. And I never notice any sort of speed issues when I’m using my phone to access websites, apps, watching videos, anything else.

I’m in Mexico and so are my cams. The cams are connected via wifi to a 300Mbps connection. And if I’m connected to wifi (doesn’t have to be my own, a public wifi works too), everything works great.

Any sort of diagnostics I can run to help figure this out? Thank you!

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Wyze devices will connect straight to your device if you on the same network as they are, but if not they will go through an AWS server. Weird why it works better on public wifi than cell. What speed is the public wifi you have tested it on? 6-15 mbps should be sufficient for streaming, although you may have better luck if you set it to 360p of SD.

You can submit a log in the device page through Settings > Wyze Support > Submit A Log. Wyze typically doesnt look at logs unless asked, so you may wanna contact support or mention a wyze employee.