What Network speeds required for single Wyze Cam?

I have Wyze Cam and cannot get it to connect to the network. I can only get 3 Mbps download and 0.4 Mbps upload based on my remote location. Is that enough to connect?

I have made 2.4GHz wifi channel


I suspect that is not going to be sufficient speed, especially the upstream speed. There is an update coming that will let the camera operate in a degraded quality mode for very slow connections. But that won’t be released for a while.

In the mean time, I’d submit a support ticket and see what they say.

Do you mean that you can not setup the camera initially when your phone is also connected to the same WiFi that you are attempting to connect the camera to? Or do you mean you can not connect to the camera to watch it from another location? Or something else?

For the moment, I’m going to assume you mean that you can not connect to watch the camera from another location. That could be two questions. Ar you unable to connect at all, or is the performance really poor (buffering, re-connects, etc.)? Your low uplink bandwidth is going to be a bit of a problem. If you set the camera for SD as opposed to HD, it should be able to connect with only a little buffering. If it’s not connecting at all, it may be a firewall issue.

To directly answer your bandwidth required question, it depends A LOT on how much of the video is changing. For example a view of the front door that largely never changes will take less bandwidth than a video of your yard with lots of trees moving in the wind. In HD, I generally see 70 - 110 K Bytes per second - or roughly 1/2 to close to 1 M bps. SD drops that by about a third. Very rough figures.


Thanks for your reply:

(((Do you mean that you can not setup the camera initially when your phone is also connected to the same WiFi that you are attempting to connect the camera to?)))

Yes, I cannot connect on initial setup. I setup my Airport Extreme router as 2 separate channels - a 5GHz and 2.4GHz.

I also have my iPhone WiFi set up to sync with the 2.4GHz channel. I tested the iPhone to communicate well via WiFi for email and web searches. I have 2 other Macs on the same network working fine.

I login to the Wyze App and hear “Ready to connect” when I press the Wtzecam button. I the login to WiFi, the San RQ code screen with code is displayed and I hear the voice “The QR code scanned please wait”, then the screen “Connecting, Please wait connection can take a few minutes” with rotating green circle ; then voice says “cannot connect to local network”. I have not heard “Connection has timed out. Please re-scan QR code”

I’ve tried several times restarting the router; WyzeCam power off the on, Wyzecam App restart to no avail.

I have 2 other new Wyzecams and a new Wyzecam Pan yet to test so I’ll check those too while I wait for other suggestion from you folks.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

PS: On your website under “Getting Started Video Series” #2 - Wyze can unboxing and setup", I do not get a verification code when login in to the Wyzecam App as indicated by the presenter. Is that still applicable in this latest version just received?






I have a strong suspicion of what is going on. From my experience, the Wyze cameras don’t handle dual band access points very well - even if the SSID is locked to a single band. I know nothing about the Airport A/Ps, so I don’t know really how single band it thinks it is. If you have a s.4 GHz only A/P laying around, try affiliating your phone to that and then the try the camera as a test. If it works on a truly 2.4 GHz only A/P, that will pretty much confirm the issue.


Ok, thanks. I’ll try to get hold of a 2.4GHz only A/P to test.

Success. Got it going. Just tried different Airport Extreme’ s settings a bit more. Will summarize complete AE setup for others later:-)


FYI, the problem with dual band routers (even on a single SSID) was supposed to have been fixed in a recent firmware and app update. If you’re still having issues with that, then Wyze would like you submit the logs (support ticket from within the app) so they can analyze.

Good point. I have not had a chance to test that, but it’s easy enough for me to test.