New owner Wyze Cams - various issues please help if you can

Ok, I just bought a dual pack of the standard wyze cams at Home Depot and figured I would ask here before shoving them back in the box and declaring I will never try this again.

Before the issues I will say we have AWFUL internet. I live in a rural area in Dallastown, PA and have no cable access, no dsl access and have to rely on a wireless provider (not cell wireless) that is good but we have data and speed limits (200gb a month and MAYBE 5mbps). I am using a microsd card to hopefully avoid the internet completely.

Now, first issue is the network connectivity. My cell phone will connect at full speed to my wireless network (2.4 and 5ghz linksys velop mesh system) while the camera looks to be down a bar. Ok, no biggie, but the streaming is jerky. I was thinking I could stream from the camera to any device on my network and use the actual network rather than having to go through the internet to stream it as long as I was within range of my wireless network…is that correct? If it is then why would the speed be all over the place? Sometimes dropping to 0 and other times hitting well over 100.

Second, can I increase the length of the cord? the wire is awful short to try and hang on the ceiling and still reach an outlet that is down at normal levels.

Third, Do I have to have all the motion and sound detection off in order to avoid the internet or can I use the sd card to record the events without having to use my limited internet?

This has been so frustrating trying to get this thing up and running! I still dont know why when I try and put the camera at certain places in the room it just refuses to connect to the wifi but my phone has no problem finding a signal.

Ok, that’s it for now. Appreciate any help I can get.

It was explained the “XXX KB/s” reading in the upper left is not network speed, but video bitrate.

Yes, but be forewarned you’ll want a quality cord and limit it to nine foot. Better yet, use a extension cord if possible.

Yea, the 12 sec Events are to the cloud, not the SD.

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@KnightRid Yes, you can use longer cords. I ordered a set of 26 ft usb power cords from Amazon, and I have been using two of these on my v2 cams for over a year without any issues at all.

Amazon usb Power Cords


Thank you! Now for the first one, what would be causing the video bitrate to drop like that and why would it say reconnecting everytime it drops to 0 for a while?

Could it be the micro sdcard…hmmm…I will try a different one today. Read on here people had problems with sandisk and that is what I have in it now - 128gb. I will try a Samsung 64gb EVO and see what happens

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You can remove the mSD card and see if the streaming improves. If it doesn’t, then it isn’t the card.

Yes, you should be able to view the camera’s stream on any device through the Wyze app on your network.

I swapped cards and it seems to be working fine. Thanx for the help! Now I have to get some more cards that work since all the rest I have are sandisk :frowning:

Really wish the motion detect and event recording would work for the sd card. Kinda sucks without it as I cant get any notifications I just have to let it record 24/7 and then check the card.

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Thanx for all the help. Seems like when I swapped micro sd cards it is stable now.

FWIW, I use 64gb Sandisk Extreme cards in all cams (five), with no issues (going on “months” now).

You’re welcome! I have one v2 cam with a SanDisk 32 GB that is a year old and going strong.

Since then, I have switched all my other cams to the Samsung Pro High Endurance mSD cards. These cards are especially designed for video cams.

Samsung Pro High Endurance Amazon