The app is a piece of crap, and so are the camera’s networking capabilities

Ive had these cameras for over a year now.
They record to their SD cards mostly fine. They notify me on motion settings fine.
The App to review footage is a giant heaping steaming pile of crap.

First of all, when not on my own network, I can only connect to the cameras maybe 1 out of 10 tries. Maybe it’s my cell network, just AT&T, the largest USA cellular system in the country, but it’s only slightly more reliable on someone else’s hardwired network. SLIGHTLY!!!
Then, while I’m on my OWN network, I connect to the cameras maybe 8 out of 10 timers, and if I want to go back and review footage from a previous day, I start to go back and then lose connection to camera and it won’t connect again. I spend half hour or more just trying to connect to the stupid things to review some tiny footage I know is there.
There’s no way to fast forward through the footage, you have to watch it only in real time, and then the camera disconnects and won’t reconnect again.
I’m sick of these things. They suck, they are unreliable, there’s no windows program, and even for the price they’ve become not worth it.
I cannot recommend these to anyone anymore. They’re too much of a Chinese children’s toy that barely works.


Well that’s not fair. The SD cards in mine really don’t work at all. :slight_smile:


:grin: Thanks for the laugh!

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Sounds about right.


I’m sorry to hear your experience. I have almost exactly the opposite with my setup. I also had, operative word there being ‘had’, ATT, for my wifi. I had constant connectivity problems with my devices. I moved to an Eero Mesh system, turned off the ATT wifi and just use the provided box as a modem, and have almost no problems now.
The issue, IMHOP, was that the ATT box is not designed for the load I was trying to put on it. It’s not bad for an entry-level wifi system, but simply can’t handle the load of serious home automation. I had about 20 +/- devices and constant dropped connections, etc. I moved to the mesh and now run 65+ without problems.
You mention that the issue continues on a neighbors’s wired system. If you are meaning you are trying to view your cams thru his system keep in mind that the key factor there is still your wifi that your neighbors is logging into.
Without a lot more info on what your system is, it’s load, number of devices, surrounding networks with congestion, etc. I can’t offer much real help. I just hate to see you feel like this when I know that it is possible for the whole thing to work better, based on my own frustrating experience and the solution I found. Moving to the mesh was a leap of faith based on desperation, and, to be honest, a great sale on Amazon. But it worked.
In the interim, open a Ticket with Wyze Support. They have tools that they can run on your system remotely which give you info about where possible problems lie.
Best of luck and keep us posted. I really hope you can get resolution!


I don’t usually give compliments but that really was an excellent reply @tomp .
WiFi WiFi WiFi!


Stingy? Hard-bitten realist? Compliment-depleted? :wink:

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What I find wierd is that my Wyze app actually works better when I am away from home. The response of my Pan cam is way faster to screen swipes and the cameras connect to the app quicker.
How can this possibly be?

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Hi @desertshores

Have you seen my 3-frame diagram? It probably won’t help but I did spend some time putting it together. For you. And others. At no cost. To anyone. :wink:

Thank you. I appreciate that. I just hope it helped.

Sadly enough I have to confirm this. Have the same problems on my iPhone 11, however everything still works fine on my old android which is 6 years old :cry: :cry: :cry:

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(I couldn’t sell this diagram to save my life :yo-yo: :grin: )

Since there seems to be a misunderstanding of what I said, I’ll clarify…
I do not have ANY AT&T equipment.
I have a 400GB Spectrum service at my house.
I have a separate high end router Connected to the cable modem and Separately a Wi-Fi access point.
I have iPhones with AT&T cellular service.
When my iPhones are on my own Wi-Fi network it generally works most of the time I want to connect and review footage or live feeds.
When I’m on the AT&T cellular network it’s about 1 in 10 times that I can connect to them.


Hi @jonelli, by the tone of your post I thought you were already out of here, well down the road to a different “solution.” Anyway, glad you’re still around :slight_smile: -peep

I’m open to discuss possible solutions, but my opinion hasn’t changed, and I stand by my statement.
I still own the devices, they still record and notify me. Are they reliable? No. Do they work whenever I need to review footage? No. Does the app reliability suck? Yes.

I’m not sure they are worth the headaches even for the money they are. I’m ready to find another solution to my camera monitoring.
I have a warehouse that I was considering putting some of these into, but I don’t want any more headaches. So, I’m going to find something better.


I bought my first WYZE cameras because they were cheap and I thought it would be fun to spy on our new dog during the day.
If you want reliable cameras for actual security these are not it but that’s ok as long as you understand that going in.


I miss that Canuck black dog avatar. Shiny!

He was a good boy. :slight_smile: