The app is a piece of crap, and so are the camera’s networking capabilities

I do have problems occasionally, but nothing like you are explaining. And when i do have an issue and report the customer service is great. Maybe your network is crap, lol. I have cricket for my phone service and I can connect with no issues and stream all my cameras (4), i have the door lock and scale too. Love these products but still waiting on the door bell which has been talked about for about 2 years now. Come on already!

I use an eero Pro mesh network today and even with my old Apple Extreme network, I found found that connectivity to my Wyze cam’s has been flawless. Even connecting while away through my iPhone and Consumer Cellular service, the camera connection has always been available to me.

I have a lot of network equipment at home including 3 Ring cameras and again good reliability. Bottom line when you start streaming video you have to have a good home network. I’ve seen this kind of post on Ring, Nest, and other camera sites. Bottom line if you wanna play the video, you have to provide the strong backbone. If your hardware isn’t up to the task, you’re in trouble. Make the investment in the network side, it makes all the difference in the world in the performance of your devices.

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May I ask if the Wyze app is installed on android or on iOS?

Hi Jonelli, I had exactly the same problems as you described. Strange, cause before I did an update of the firmware everything worked fine, on both my android phone and iPhone. After trying all possible solutions that Wyze support had listed on their troubleshooting site I decided to flash the firmware on the cam back to an older version ( nov '19) and guess what: everything works as perfect as before. Quite obvious that they messed up with the new firmware, shit happens, but at least admit it and take care of business with a new update. Cheers!

@wim.busschots5454, I did not think to really bring that up, but I will say that it was working much better months ago, and I just chocked it up to I must have been lucky before and now it’s just worse.

As for the other comments, I have a serious home network setup. I run 8 computers, a mail and web server, and do video conferencing. I also have a complete smart-home setup with about 20 devices all connected to various cloud services then through Alexa. Sorry, the WYZE stuff is a problem. I also use iPhones with AT&T service.

Now, I will say, that it’s entirely possible that I’ve got a port closed, or something out of the ordinary that may be blocking something on the WYZE side, but all the cloud clips get sent and notifications get sent, and I can access them mostly from within the network or from someone else’s non-AT&T network, but when I’m on my AT&T cellular connection, it’s horrid.

Well in fairness to Wyze, AT&T has managed to screw up networking and customer service for, to use a technical term, ever. (Not counting the real Bell era.). Heck they somehow have managed to foul up the home run that should have been HBOMax. So it would not surprise me if their network were throttling, steering, proxying, blocking, or otherwise hampering Wyze performance. Maybe a NAT thing? IP6 thing? Maybe Wyze is expected to pony up some graft in return for a decent Quality of Service delivery? Just wild speculation…

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Come on, dude.

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@jonelli — I can validate the issues you’re seeing. I’ve been a huge Wyze fan for a long time, and I’ve just been accepting all the issues you’re reporting because…well, I honestly don’t know why.

I have three Ubiquity Unifi APs running not in a mesh. So, I am not wasting any wireless bandwidth on backhauling. Those are hardline connected to a Netgate SG-3100 running pfSense that controls my entire home network. The other side of that is AT&T fiber (gig up/down), and I bypass the ridiculous AT&T Residential Gateway. Over wireless, I max out the speed of an 802.11AC channel, meaning I have more bandwidth available than that standard can push. I don’t have network issues with the crazy (according to my amazing wife) number of other devices I have on this network.

I’m not bragging about spending way too much on my network, I am simply trying to show the point that I don’t think the network is the problem. However, I certainly make room for me not having configured everything correctly. I would just expect other devices to have an issue if that were the case.

I have unreliable connection to the cameras, but it is usually pretty good. The uploading of snippets to the cloud is usually pretty reliable. Recording to SD is also usually pretty reliable. However, if I want to do anything with playback through the app, holy cow. It’s basically useless. What usually happens there is I screw around with it for 20 minutes or so, cussing the entire time. Then, I decide: “Do I really want to see this video?” If the answer to that is yes, I yank the damn SD card out and stitch the little one-minute clips together.

It is maddening. I wish it weren’t so. With every firmware update I cross my fingers.

Anyhow, I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone. I have a solid network. Two of the cameras I have the most trouble with are 20 feet from one of the APs. Playback is a joke.

Y’all have a good one-


I will put a quick add that since moving from Spectrum to AT&T I have also had issues with broadband sharing. During the day when my caregiver is using the wifi as well, the cams are sporatic. But they work fairly well at night. Once I split up those items (such as Amazon echo, Google minis, Portal, and smart devices) whbetween the 2.4 mhz and 5 mhz bands and play with the channel feeds, this greatly improved the response of the cams.

As AT&T has now buried their T band cables out front, I’m going to hang a bit and see if a faster speed will help further.

Granted, it’s obvious that two cameras, being furthest from the wifi, have had the most issues in the past, but since reconfiguring the load, I’ve had no problems, but the occasional force close of the app and restart the app, but that’s then is my phone and not the cams or broadband.

Same here. I bought 5 and installed them. I purchased the continuous recording option and on two cameras it works fine. The other three - zilch. They’re all set up the same. I’ve restarted the three that don’t record various times to no avail.

I am dumbfounded at all the tech talk that goes back and forth on this forum on how to set up, use, configure, record with these SIMPLE cheap cameras … .

Jeeze guys. I just want to connect them and have them work!! Too much to ask?

Wasn’t that the intention from the start. Simple to connect and use??

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God, Sean, you’ve been around from the Wyzian Genesis. You still look good for all the troubles you’ve seen. :wink:

I must be perverse because this makes me :rofl: , not at you (well, not totally at you) but with you. :handshake:

“Usually reliable?” :slight_smile:   Let’s check with one of the oxymorons up the holler at Stupider Still. cletus_spuck_15

( Wyze, are ya listenin’, a qualified oxymoron no less, priceless… :joy: )

(PS If anyone’s annoyed by regional stereotypes, think how I feel, pirouetting out here in La La Land. :roll_eyes: )

Thanks for sharing Sean. That’s Pretty much The same what I’ve experienced and feel like.
I really want to like the cameras, but it’s really hard.
I’m tempted to try the rtsp firmware and use some other computer and software to do all the security features.
Haven’t looked into what real software options are out there yet though.

Is it just me? Why are there so many non-relevant thread responses that have nothing to do with the topic? It’s like people can’t read or are just really bored.

Hi jonelli, for my part:

People cope with absurd situations differently. We are in several at the moment, imo. One of them is the condition of being a “long-term Wyze customer.” :slight_smile:

I will ask moderators to delete mine, if you prefer.

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@peepeep — LOL, your reply is awesome. “Usually reliable” was me being polite :slight_smile:

And laugh away. I was intending humor in how I told that. It is terribly frustrating, but in the end, ya gotta laugh.

@jonelli — I think the seemingly off-topic replies are trying to find a culprit outside the Wyze hardware/firmware. Perhaps it is, but I don’t think it is network capacity or reliability.

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Don’t I know it. Wyze doesn’t deserve you. Will you be my neighbor? :wink:

It’s worth noting that, to my recollection, dirt cheap cameras with a surprisingly functional app and ecosystem was the ENTIRE claim to fame for Wyze as it gathered mindshare. If we’re just back to dirt cheap hardware then the bloom is off the rose.

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As they are only cameras at 20.00, it is normal that they do not always work. When they work well, an update arrives to [mess] some of the functions we were used to. You don’t have to worry about that. Keep the faith lol (sarcasm…)

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And some of those functions were still virgins. In some parts of the country, that’s worse.

lol, i didn’t know that one. Things are going well. The more I walk around the forum, the more depressed I get.

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