Connects 1 out of 10 tries.. WTH

The camera are great when they work. I’ve got the Pan (Fw and the v2 ( I have no internet issues, and I have zero issues connecting when I’m on the same network but when I’m away trying to connect, it’s only successful 1 out 10 times. When it finally connects later everything works fine. Then if I quit the app and go back a minut later it starts all over. Sometimes it will connect the first time, sometimes not. Sometimes it gets to 2/3 authenticating and fails sometimes not even that far. What the heck is the issue connecting with these cameras with the app?
I’ve read a bunch of the support suggestions, but nothing changes and I CAN connect if I spend ten minutes trying over and over again. Stupid.

it sounds like it might be an issue with your carrier. if you are able to connect when you are at home on the same network I would think its not an issue with the cameras.

what carrier do you have and when you do a speed test, what are your numbers?

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I’ve tried it on multiple outside networks, not just my carrier.
I have AT&T, and currently am getting 15Mbs/25Mbs at my location right now and it’s always the same issue.

I have AT&T also - their fiber optic. Some times it works flawlessly in network and out and sometimes I go thru the endless grind of connecting and validating. Sometimes can’t connect. Sometimes it’s just with different cams.
Until last couple of days connection thru internet has always worked but I’ve had a couple times where it hung up recently.
Rebooting the router and also letting it search for best channel thru their Smart Home Manager app usually helps.
Not much help I guess. I would love an answer.