Pan Camera will not connect after multiple tries

I am using a Pan Camera on my front porch and it is about 10 feet away from my router. Almost every time I try and connect it goes though about 6 attempts before saying I need to restart. I do not have with issue with my other 2 V2 cams, just my pan cam. Anyone else having issues? I’ve tried restarts (router, app, cam) - only when I hard restart the app will it connect for a few seconds in HD before losing connection. It won’t even allow me to downgrade to 360

Are you in a crowded WiFi neighborhood (lots of other access points nearby, either yours or neighbors)? Are there any ‘noisy’ electronic devices nearby on your porch (CFL bulbs)? Even though it’s only 10’ feet away, it’s possible that the pan cam is not getting a decent WiFi signal.

You might try temporarily relocating the pancam inside closer to the router (with no walls in between) and see if it connects successfully. If it does, that suggests impaired WiFi out on the porch.

Another intervention is to change the WiFi channel being used by your router. Sometimes that helps.

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I’ve tried moving it around the the same places where my V2 cams are (switching out completely). Only the pan keeps having connection problems - that’s why I moved it much closer to the router. It’ll randomly connect but only for about 10 seconds before dropping.

I have very similar problem. Will not stay connected. Then tries and tries to connect. I’ve unplugged as suggested and no success.

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I have 4 cams and 2 panning cameras. And by far the panning cameras are very hard to connect to. I have restarted and reset and turned the auto mode on on off to see if there is any change. One cam is right beside the router and another fixed cam. One is on a wall about 30 feet, but line of sight with router. What they have in common is this unreliable connection.