V2 vs Pan - connection issue

I have 3 pans and 5 V2’s. The Pans work flawlessly. Never a connection problem and while connected I never see the kbs/s go to zero. The v2’s have complete intermittent performance. Wyze has replaced several of my V2’s and all exhibit the same behavior. Even when located 10 feet from my Wi-Fi router. Sometimes you can connect and other times they time out. When they do connect, you will see the KB/s start at 25 and then go to zero and freeze. Wyze gave me the network tool to run in my house. No issues found. I have over 35 IOT devices in my house. All work great with no connection issues. I have a strong mesh network in the house. I believe that either the V2’s have some firmware issue or the Wyze network treats the V2’s differently than the Pan’s. Thought’s or comments?

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Strange. I haven’t had those issues. Out of curiousity, have you tried to place any of the pans in the spot where the V2’s are located AND left them for a few days to test the stability? Sometimes the weirdest things cause interference. Someone using a microwave on the backside of the wall, a television, a neighbor’s WiFi. Also, there are instances where being too close to the router cause issues as well. I don’t claim to understand why but I know they do. Now, getting much more complicated, if you have any DHCP reservations (static IPs) it is possible your cameras are getting the same IP address as other devices. It sounds strange but I had this issue with my iPad for years. I had registered the iPad and then a few months later added an IP cam to what I thought was an available IP address, well the iPad just hadn’t been used in a while and then when it was it kept trying to pickup the same IP lease and it took a very long time to figure out what the heck was causing all of it. Services like UPNP can cause similar issues.

All good thoughts. Yes I have had pan’s in the V2 locations. No change. I have a Wi-Fi sniffer that tells me the strength as I walk around the house. So I only place them where I have some of the best signal strength. I have no reserved IP address. I let the DHCP server manager all that.

This morning I have done another experiment. I took the worst offending V2 offline. Unplugged. So far the rest seem pretty stable. I’m now wondering wether a single flakey V2 can effect the others. Time will tell.

If it causing issues with the router it is possible. Just seems strange, especially since no one else I have heard having that level of issue, and seems like something is causing a problem with the router (even if it is a cam) as opposed the cameras all being defective.

Well I just did a spot check of all cams. All working now. I wonder if the “bad” one was spewing some garbage on the lan.

Strange, If you have secondary SSID maybe try to connect it there and see if it screws anything up.

I only have a single SSID. Because I use xfinity and their mesh devices, they make a single SSID out of my 2.4 and 5 ghz network segments. That way as you walk around the house, you seemlessly stay on the net. The mesh switches you to the best available segment for where you are. The cam’s obviously connect to the 2.4 side as that is what they need to connect to.

Just a quick note that might be helpful. I had problems with most of my IoT devices when QoS and WMM were enabled on my Netgear R7000. It seems they enabled it by default when I applied one of the FW updates. I turned it off and my connections were much better to all of them. YMMV with your router and/or environment.

So I reinstalled my Apple Airport network in addition to my xfinity mesh network. I connected all my V2’s to the Airport network and left my Pan’s on the mesh. All is now working great. Hmmm? Thoughts? Maybe the V2’s have a hard time with the combined 2.4 and 5 that a mesh network provides vs the 2 distinct networks on the Apple.

Well the cams only support 2.4 not 5ghz so perhaps they were having an issue with that like you said.