Losing faith in my new cams!

Hey all, I previously had posted asking for advice regarding a detection issue I was having with my Pan V3. This issue could be resolved with range of motion limits, however that is not an option so this cam remains static, even with my detection zones well covering the traffic it sees, it still alerts me of it frequently. For this I turned off vehicle notifications, which really defeats the purpose of this cam as it is covering my driveway. However, it still functions as a camera and does just that.

I am now experiencing an issue, where my other pan cam will briefly lose connection, won’t restart or retry the connection, so I will physically go and power cycle the camera to remedy this, HUGE downside as I basically lose access to the cam while I am away from the home, I was hopeful when I remembered that the SD card still has the days footage, and I’d be at least able to view it should something occur. Nope. This camera does not record video when it has lost connection to WiFi. At this point this camera is virtually useless to me, which is extremely disappointing since I really like how these cameras are able to track motion so well.

In the meantime I will just have to put these up and wait until a few firmware updates that solves these issues I’m having. If anyone has any ideas to resolve some of these problems I’m all ears.