Wyze Cam Pan very poor connection please read, help!

So I got wireless internet at our family cottage. It’s 50Mbps/download 10Mbps. Speed tested at 47.8Mbps and 9.79Mbps with a TP-Link AC1900 Wireless MU-MIMO WiFi Router. I bought a Wyze Cam Pan and installed it today. The cam worked great today at the cottage. Connected multiple times to it with a range 79 to 120KB/s. Drove home an hour away and tried to connect to the cam this evening wasn’t very good. Tired like 30 times only was able to a couple times and had a connection on 0 to 13KB/s and dropped both times. I did a camera restart on the App and forced close and signed out and back in. That didn’t change anything. Anyone have an suggestions? Please help!

Sorry to hear of your troubles, a couple thoughts.

When you tested the connection at the cottage was your mobile device (with the wzye app) connected to the same wifi that you have at the cottage?

When you tried to connect to the cottage pan cam from home were you connected to your home wifi or cellular data?

Have you tried toggling between your home wifi and cellular connection to see if there is a difference?

The issue may not be the pan cam connection to the cottage network, but the mobile device up to the host then calling for the cam.

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I had problems like that before. Some times it works, sometimes it don’t. My fix was to connect to a 2.4 GHz network only. I read someplace that all of these cheap (inexpensive) cameras use a WiFi chip that has capabilities to connect to both 2.4 and 5. The 5 capability isn’t implemented in the camera manufacturers software but the chip itself continues to try to jump back to 5 which causes the cameras to loose connection. How true that is, I don’t know, but I do know that when I created a 2.4 only SSID and connected my cameras to that network, all of my connection problems went away. There was a lot of discussion on this in a few forums, some pretty heated, so take it for what it’s worth. I don’t know about your WIFI router but some have the capability to create separate 2.4 and 5 GHz SSIDs. Mine didn’t (Orbi), so I created a separate SSID by using an old Buffalo 2.4 only router as a wired access point. Good luck.

Edit: it looks like you router does support separate SSIDs for 2.4 and 5.

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Yes i was connected to the same wifi it. Both on the 2.4. It worked fantastic!

From home I connect from wifi and LTE. Goes from 12 to 18KB/s drops a few numbers hits zero stays there for a few seconds to a couple mins and then back up and down. Up and down. Not much difference between home and wifi. I have a v2 and v3 at home they work great at home wifi and viewing from the cottage on the cottage wifi or LTE. The Internet at home is fiber and at cottage is wireless. The cottage is only 10Mbps load thou. But cams only use 1Mbps so it should technically work. I order another brand of camera and will text it this weekend fir see if there is a difference.

Interesting I’ll have to look into that and see if I can creat a 2.4 only ssid thanks.

throught I would throw in something for clirification here, All wyze product will only work on 2.4ghz they do not have the radio to connect to the 5ghz frequency at all. :slight_smile:

when your phone is connected to the same wifi as the cams it is actually not accessing the internet or Wyze servers at all. you are basically talking to the cameras them selves directly and are on a very close network. when accessing it from other networks ( mobile or other wifi) thats where a host of other variables can come into play and wreak havoc.

First part: I agree. The cameras can only connect to 2.4.
Second part: I do not agree. I think the cameras broadcast to the Wyze servers (cloud) and the feed you pick up on the app comes back from the Wyze cloud. Simple test to verify this. Disconnect your WiFi router from the internet by unplugging the cable between your router and modem while leaving your WiFi up. Then try to access your cameras from the app on your phone that is connected to your local internet.

yes, this was put out by Wyze quite a while ago. it’s actually a security feature for Wyze as it is much more secure if you are on your own personal LAN vs connecting to servers constantly.

the only time you are connected through the internet is live viewing or playback from a separate network, viewing event clips ( which are in the cloud) or during the initial account verification when the camera boots up.

OK. Then why do the cameras stop working when they are not connected to the internet?

so I got home. figured I would put this to the test. was able to connect to the cameras and view myself walking around outside ( with internet)

went inside. completely disconnected my modem. pulled the line and unplugged it. not entireley sure why both though… anywho.

went back outside. I was able to pull my cameras up and view myself live moving. turned off mobile data ( so only connected to my router which had no modem connection) and tried to go to a few web pages. nothing at all. no internet at all. force closed everything. was able to pull up the wyze app again ( still only connected to wifi with no internet) and boom. still had live view of my cameras.

so with regard to my previous statement ( i was worried for a bit something had changed and I was now incorrect) your cameras, once they have made the initial verification connection to the servers work strictly on LAN. if they lose power though, they would need that initial connection again requiring internet.

in in this particular lane, I hope this helped to clarify and verify that particular point and might help the situation you face in some way.


Interesting… My cameras quit working when I unplug the modem from the router. I have to wonder what the difference is?? Any, we’ve probably hijacked poor Ashdown’s thread long enough. Take care.

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