Brand New Wyze Pan Connection Problems

So yesterday I got my first Wyze cams and last night with great excitement I started fiddling with them.

1 x Wyze Cam V2
1 x Wyze Cam Pan

I started with the Pan being the priority of my purchase as it’s going to be a baby monitor but immediately started running into problems.

Okay so I quickly realised the 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz problem and split out my SSID into the two bands thinking that would be as simple as that.

This is a Ubiquiti Unifi enterprise grade network so just for clarity there is no wireless problem or signal strength issue in play here.

So all 2.4Ghz only I finally got it to connect but even so it was ridiculously unstable and could hardly change any settings before it would bail and I would need to kill the app on my iPhone and start over.

Fair enough I figured my phone is maybe the issue as it’s on iOS13 and so I break out the ancient iPad 2 running iOS9 as the “stable” solution.

Nope, no change.

Okay let’s update the firmware that it keeps prompting, maybe it’s that simple.

Did that and it seemed almost like it double tapped that process but it did finish, but things didn’t improve much.

Eventually I was pretty pissed off thinking I’ve bought a piece of crap. So I opened the normal Wyze Cam just to see if it’s the same kind of story…and there I had an almost Apple-like experience where things just worked first time and are still working.

So back to the broken Pan Cam I go and I decide just in case the firmware was botched somehow let me manually install it. Might as well install the RTSP version while I’m at it so I can fiddle with it in Home Assistant later if it does work.

Made absolutely no difference at all.

Again too forever to get past the connecting screen during setup but eventually after a few tries took but is so slow like the networking component is being overloaded somehow. Signal strength seems fine when I manage to get to that menu but maybe it’s just lying.

I’m yet to log a support ticket on this as I was hoping to figure it out before doing so as I imported this unit to South Africa so a warranty claim process is problematic.

How does one access the logs?

Sometimes just talking about a problem helps you resolve it yourself without anyone else even committing.

I’m remotely connecting to my systems at home to figure this out and just noticed the Wyze Pan got the same IP address as my Unraid server which runs my entire house. That having a statically assigned IP would explain why I was having so many weird issues the moment the Wyze Pan would go online as I was convinced it was killing my wireless network.

Seems like an idiot I had originally included that IP in the DHCP range when I was using it dynamically but since having changed it to Static (from the host side) I never updated the scope.

Here’s hoping after a restart all will be well.

Welcome to the community, @SauRoN. I’m glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue on your own. I’ve learned several lessons similar to yours over the years. :slight_smile:

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He he, thanks.

Not quite been able to get it working due to being remote and it holding onto that IP like a dog with a bone, but I’m sure when I’m physically there and managed to reset and re-add it then it should be working as the problem seems fairly obvious.

Should practise what I preach with my day job and then I wouldn’t have these issues. :slight_smile:

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