Wyze Cam Pan & App connectivity is slow

when i try to access my Wyze cam pan via the app on my phone it take quite a lot of time and multiple tries to do so whereas the Cam v2 gets connected instantly. is this a known issue or does someone has a fix for this ?

I am experiencing this too. In addition I am seeing connection speeds that are much slower all of a sudden. They used to be up around 100KB and now they drop down to 50 and below, sometimes the feed drops and has to reconnect.

I just got my Wyze Cam Pan and have been experiencing this issue. I have tried all the troubleshooting tips. I have two Asus routers connected in a mesh. I set the camera up so it could only connect to one router. Thought I had fixed it, but the problem is back. I seldom see more than 40 kb. Submitted a support ticket and a routethis helps code. Hope they can find the issue, because I really like this camera.