Pan cam v4.10.3.50 & wyzecam v2 v4.9.4.37 network issue: 0 KB/s Network is not stable

After upgrading firmware to v4.10.3.50 on Pan camera’s I’m seeing that they are struggling to maintain network connection, which is causing choppy video, and connection issues.

Also, same story for the v2 cameras I have running v4.9.4.37 - the new firmware is trash for speed.

On all cameras, I see that each is able to stream for a few seconds, then it drops down to 0 KB/s and “Network is not stable” is displayed.

Nothing is changed on my end other than the firmware of the cameras.
I’m looking forward to implementing RSTP, but I’m not there yet so I still need these to work as they did previously.

Hello @danielhale, have you tried to move the cameras closer to the router and seeing if the problem persists?

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Interesting. I just checked my Pan. Initially, the connection speed was slow…and it ran down to zero…then it hovered around 20kb…and was choppy when moving the cam. It eventually settled out to around 80/90kb. I’ll be keeping and eye on it.

All cameras are above 94 for signal strength. This just started with firmware update, I had no issues with streaming at HD previous to the firmware update. I’m also now seeing error 50 on occasion when I try to connect whatever that means.

I think the same issue is being discussed here: Very slow connection speeds during day time - #25 by TRusselo

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Annnnnd… we just had an electrical power surge that took out several items including my router. So as soon as I get a new router I’ll check things again. Thinking I’m going to go with the TP-Link Archer C5400X this time. The Netgear R8000P I had was good, but I always had vpn issues and their firmware was always buggy

I have the same problems. Pan cams have constant connectivity issues. Plus - I have 4 and only two will return to detection zone. Very flaky.

I purchased the Wyzecam Pan 2 weeks ago and it will not stay connected. My router is 10ft away direct line of site and I have to either restart the camera or unplug it and plug it back in and it will work for a couple of minutes and lose connection again. I have the the Wyze can v2 and it works perfectly. Have sent a email to Wyze requesting a replacement with no response and waited on hold on the phone over 45 minutes and gave up. disappointed to say the least.

I just purchased 3 pan cameras and the one camera I’ve setup seemed to have the issue
right after I did the firmware update… I have two others that I will not update… will report back
once I set them up… (fingers crossed) Note: my pan cam is on

Just set up my 2nd Pan cam and it works pretty good…

Note: I DID NOT UPDATE - on firmware

I keep getting the notice to update but I just hit “CANCEL”
Need to find a way to downgrade my other pan cam… :thinking:

Like a trusting fool I updated the firmware in my new Pan Cam. Same result. Moved cam to within 10 feet of wireless AP. Still dropped wishing 2 minutes.

I know this isn’t what you want to hear but I solved the problem by assigning my 2.4 GHz network to a different channel AND reducing both of my cams to SD resolution. But it’s only been an hour or so.

Do I want to use SD? Noooooooo!
Do I want WYZE to fix this? Yesssssss! ASAP

I downgraded my 3 WYZE pan cams to an earlier firmware… and they have been flawless ever since… Check the below video
and look for a comment by “gixxer750cc”
You can ignore the video - just follow the steps in that comment… Hope this helps & Be Safe…

Nope. It failed after a couple of hours. Really nice when an update bricks a brand new device. Not so wise Wyze.

I’ll have to watch the video. (Oh the horrors!)