Migration from multiple cam plus plans to cam plus unlimited

Yeah I would be too. It certainly didn’t do that to me in my case.

If you go to my.wyze.com, we have proration built into the system there to upgrade you to an Unlimited plan.

Essentially, we calculate the $ amount left on your plans and extend your Unlimited subscription further out into the future based on that $ amount.

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That’s actually a pretty smart workaround!

I know part of the obstacle against prorated refunds is that some of the service providers (Google, Apple, and whoever you partner with through the website orders) didn’t allow prorated refunds, so you get such in a bad position where you want to provide good service and make it easy for people to upgrade, but any time you give refunds, you would be eating huge losses because the other companies you partnered with still keep the money so you not only don’t get it back, but are then paying out at a complete loss instead of balancing things. I wondered how you could afford to do some of those prorated refunds for service upgrades. It seemed to be a friendly thing to do for users, but painful to the company. This new service “extension” solution is a brilliant compromise and workaround where you guys don’t eat a huge loss with every upgrade and the user still gets their money’s worth too, all without the service provider partners being able to complain or intervene. From a business operations perspective, I think it’s a brilliant offering that everyone benefits from! Nicely played. :+1: I’m impressed.

I ran into the same problem. Bought my first Cam OG and when prompted for Cam+ I followed the prompts to Apple’s App store thinking when I added more cameras there’d be the option to upgrade to Unlimited. When I got to 6 cameras no upgrade was offered or possible so I just called Apple and cancelled the 6 subscriptions through them, received a refund to my cc and then repurchased Cam+ Unlimited directly from Wyze.

@WyzeMatt, that would be a good solution. However, it only seems to be an option for ONE of the multiple single-cam annual plans.

In my case, I purchased the unlimited annual plan deal last night as it was time-limited, so I am banking on you or support taking care of the pro-rated refund. No luck from support. And the previous plans are just gone. No record of them beyond my payment.

@WyzeMatt how can I DM you with my support case number.? Not seeing it on this platform.


Go to his post above, click on his picture and tap message.

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@Antonius I do not have that option:


Well, it looks like Wyze Support just took care of it. Thanks!

Now… one would think that if you want to get people to upgrade, make the process seamless.

Click on the offer
See the migration pathway, which includes prorated refund amounts and overall savings.
Click purchase
Camera’s auto migrate.

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We are working on it, I promise. Glad support took care of you and I’m sorry it was such a pain, in the very very very near future you will not have to do that again.

I’ll actually post back here when we have finally finished the plan we are working on and walk everyone through it, but yeah. I’m sorry it’s so awful right now.

Regardless, I couldn’t be more thrilled to have you on our Unlimited plan. You should try our Facial Recognition (Friendly Faces in the app), it’s included with your plan :slight_smile:

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Thanks @WyzeMatt :+1: