Migration from multiple cam plus plans to cam plus unlimited

Dear Wyze Marketing team,
Let me start by saying that I’ve been a long time loyal customer who’s been a supporter and consumer of Wyze products for over 6 years. Over the years I’ve accumulated a number of Wyze products and really bought into the ecosystem. Recently, Wyze has been marketing the new “cam plus unlimited subscription”, which is a great plan for a consumer like me with multiple camera, doorbell, and lock devices across multiple properties. However, I’m disappointed that Wyze hasn’t offered a solid migration plan for its existing customers to make the transition to the unlimited plan. I have a number of annual cam plus subscriptions that I had purchased at different times with different expiry dates. So there’s no way for me to switch to the unlimited plan without forfeiting the annual subscription fees that I’ve already paid for the ongoing plans.

There should really be a way for existing customers to get their money back for the unused time on a prorated basis when they switch to the unlimited plan. Unfortunately, customer support wasn’t able to help with the matter and I had to cancel my unlimited subscription soon after signing up.

I am an avid supporter of Wyze and a free promoter. IMO what makes Wyze one of a kind is its value for money and unwavering quality and customer support. But I think that a more thoughtful migration plan for its existing loyal customer base would put the company in a better stead and do wonders for its future growth.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you’d like to discuss the matter further. Thank you.



Yup, same here.

That was disappointing to find out that they don’t have a migration plan for existing users. The only option is to buy more and give up on what we already paid for that still has time on it.

Even if there’s 11 months left on a plan.
They expect us to buy another subscription and abandon the previous plan that was still valid.

Many other company’s have an upgrade path for existing users to upgrade or trade-in for a better or additional product.
Like trading in a car for a more expensive one.

I was helping some friends and relatives get setup and was obligated to tell them that they need to be careful what they buy because Wyze won’t honor any value from previous subscriptions if they move to Cam Plus Unlimited at a later date.

Also, lacking up upgrade path lowers the value of products so I’m not recommending these products as freely as before.

New customers didn’t have a good experience when their orders were canceled last week (just like my order as well) when they ordered during the Black Friday sale.

All we got was a notice a week later (after the sale had gone away)
that our order had been canceled. With no explanation.

Other folks I was trying to help get setup didn’t work out since the whole Wyze net seemed to be offline last Friday evening 12/1/23 while the others I was helping had their orders canceled with no explanation.


If your cameras are supported under Cam Plus Lite, you could move them to Lite. When all individual Cam Plus expires then purchase Cam Plus Unlimited. I know this is not the seamless migrations most people are looking for, but might be a work around since Lite can be had for Zero dollars and might be able to bridge the gap to get to Unlimited.

Hey there, I’m Matt Van Swol, Head of Subscription Growth here at Wyze and I agree with you.

Please shoot me an email (mvanswol@wyze.com) and let’s discuss this further, there’s some nuances here that maybe you have some insight on.


I as well have 5 cameras all with Different subscription start dates and am planning on adding one more soon but do not want to lose the funds that I already payed (one Cam Plus just started last month). I don’t mind the prorated concept for the time used on the Cam Plus plans I am already subscribed to … but I have had the Annual Unlimited in my cart for the last month and need further information before I purchase another product.

Emailed you twice now. Still haven’t received a response.

Sorry, I did reply to a previous email.

Please reply in thread so all can understand these nuances and possible “upgrade” their plans also.

I think you clicked reply to the wrong person above, but the short version is that last I heard, Matt indicated that if you have purchased a Cam Plus Unlimited plan. you can contact support they will either a) send you a prorated refund for the plans you currently have if purchased on the web or b) if you bought plans via the Apple or Android app stores, they will send you a prorated gift card for those amounts ( they have less control over $ in these stores).

So if you are interested in possible upgrades to your plan, that should be an option for you.


I was kind of replying to all but more so to the Wyze rep. But you just gave all the info I needed, THANK YOU.

My only question now is, if you sign up today for the 24 hr $89 special are you grandfathered in to that plan or does it rise back up to $120/yr in 12 months time?


It’ll renew at MSRP of the annual plan which is $99 flat.


Indeed we will.


I did this.

I emailed Wyze that it should make sure that my existing (limited) Cam+ does not auto-renew. They cancelled the remaining months of the existing Cam+ and refunded whatever amount was left.


This is a big oversight on the part of Wyze, I started buying the OG cams last week with the intention of buying 8 in total. When setting up the first cam I was asked if I wanted Cam Plus which I did thinking when I eventually had more than 5 cameras I’d be able to convert to their Unlimited plan. I use this with an iPhone so bought 6 subscriptions (so far) through the Apple App store. I’m now not activating Cam Plus on the other 2 OG’s until this gets sorted out and I may just pack them all up and return them to Amazon if this isn’t resolved.

You can get reimbursed for any current cam plus plans when you switch to Unlimited. You will need to reach out to support to get the refund though.

We are actively working on a self-service method to fix this.

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