MicroSD card error

Hello. Can someone advise why I might be getting an error saying “ MicroSD Card Not Found. You will need a microSD card to view locally stored video.” When I try to playback from a recorded event.
The card is clearly working okay as it’s working fine when I view playback of continuous recording.

So I can view the event if I go into camera and manually change to time of event but cannot get to the time by clicking playback from event

Also all other cameras work okay. Just this new one

It’s a known bug on some cameras. I believe Wyze is working on fixing it. At least you found the workaround for now. :+1:

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Here’s the latest update about this:

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Thank you. I didn’t realise as it’s only affecting one camera.

Thank you. I’ll have to log and try to tag that original post etc.
I appreciate the link!

Hello, did you by any chance purchase 3 pack of v3s?

there is another bug related, still unfixed, it shows in alexa app:

“wyze - live view unavailable in alexa app”

can you check confirm?

Yeah I just experienced this today on my Cam Pan v3 trying to pull video of some homeless guy pilfering my neighbor’s led wind-chime. Eventually managed to get it but I’ve no idea how as I just kept trying different things until the clip appeared on my phone.

Can’t say I’ll miss the wind-chime though I feel bad about the old couple having their joy stolen by a dirty homeless thief.

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how much was it $10-20?
perhaps they calculated risks of 2008 aftermath.
why dont you pull videos of corpo thiefs, genz with mbas
would be more useful for society