Mesh router - parental controls?

Are there any parental controls and/or content filtering?


The Product Description says it has parental controls. They don’t explain what they all are yet though.

It’s too new, and nobody has given a review with more details yet.


I’ve been curious as well, especially wondering if the parental controls are different between models.

I’m tired of looking. Can’t find how to set parental controls on the router. I can only create schedules to restart the router, or turn guest access on and off, but nothing to kill internet on school nights etc.

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Here are the steps to get to parental controls

  • Go to the router in the Wyze app.
  • Click on the gear, top right
  • Click on advanced
  • Then you will see parental controls.
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Thank you,
That only has the option of blocking a domain, not restrict internet access based on times.
Also, it will restrict to everyone not just certain devices.

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I believe it doesn’t yet have blocking schedules set up. It does allow you to manually turn off groups of devices by setting up a device group (maybe all devices related to a particular child), and then opening up the group and toggling on “Block Access.” This will then block access to the internet for every device in that group.

I think I read or heard somewhere from an employee that more options would be forthcoming, or at least hopefully we’ll schedules added in the near future. The best way to get an answer on that would be to submit it on the wishlist, and see what they categorize it as.

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Yes. Wishlist it will be. Thanks a lot.

I hope this functionality will cone ASAP!!

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Still waiting on this too. Very frustrating.