Wyze Mesh Router Device Management

Hi there,

I am super interested in getting the Wyze Mesh Router or the Pro version.
Wyze mentions that the routers have a device management function but do not describe it in much detail, only that you can block devices from accessing the Wifi etc. Is this basically a MAC filter?

I would need a router where I can deny access for all devices and only allowed devices can connect to the Wifi, that list in my case is a lot shorter and I do not have to check the Wifi all the time to see if there are devices connected that I do not recognize… that is a lot of work. I rather would like to whitelist certain devices instead.

How does the device management work in detail with the Wyze Mesh Router?

Thank you.

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Yea, for a small operation (home for example), a whitelist is far easier to deal with. Note that some devices by default will give a random fake MAC address every time they connect. If you whitelist the router, you need to make sure your legit users disable that feature.

Yes, right? So do you know if the router has a whitelist feature or how does the device management work on the Wyze router?

I don’t have one of those routers, so I do not know.

There is no whitelist optional this time. There is a Wishlist for items like this. You can Block a device or group of devices though.


Thank you, I thought it would be like this.