Deleting devices from router

How do you delete old devices that are no longer in your home or on your network? Mine wont go away on their own and i dont see anyway to delete them. I haven’t exceeded the capacity of my routers (4 connected via wire). Theyve been restarted numerous times. Also only some of the devices that i still do have will let me block or unblock them. There doesn’t seem to be any similarities between them. Im almost ready to go back to my netgear router. And no, i am not resetting my routers. Id prefer not to hear from wyze employees since they all give the same b.s. advice on everything. Are there any normal people out there who are totally computer illiterate that can help?

This original answer was about how to remove devices from the Wyze app. I missed that it was asking about removing devices from the Wyze routers
  • Click on the Home Tab
  • Click on the Device you want to delete.
  • Click on the gear icon in the top right that is for “settings”
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Delete Device”


  • Click on the home tab
  • Click on The pencil icon in the top right
  • Select “Edit Devices”
  • On the Left hand side of the device you want to deleted, touch the minus sign with a red circle around it
  • When it asks if you want to delete the device, click on “Delete” Then click on “Done.”
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When talking about the routers, there is no way to Physically remove devices. I have submitted this in the past. This is a feature request.

I was told that stale devices will automatically be removed or you can reboot the router. However, as with you, this did not work.

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For the computer illiterate: Go outside and run it over with your vehicle. It will be deleted.

(This is meant more as a joke and probably shouldn’t do it but it should work.)

You have to be somewhat computer literate to actually use a router’s controls and be able to do what you want. Even a step-by-step guide requires being able to understand how to do things enough to do it.

I am quite computer literate. This whole post was to vent, for those of you that cant read between the lines. This is solely a programming issue on wyzes end. They should add, or fix as the case maybe, these issues. Their programmers are seriously lacking in their skills.

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Did you even read my post? I wasn’t refering to devices shown on the app, but rather the devices listed with in the router settings/ controls.

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So you forgot to add the /s. I really thought you wanted something a computer illiterate could use.

Oh, my bad, I didn’t realize the question was about the routers. My response was about all the other devices. I missed the tag being about routers


I found I need to do the following to finally get devices “removed”

  1. Delete any DHCP reservations for the device in Advanced IP Settings
  2. Remove the device from any “Device Groups” so it is listed in the individual tab.
  3. Wait a week or two and it will eventually drop off.

We cannot manually remove the device unfortunately. These Mesh Routers Pro’s (and the normal ones) are not for IT folk, they are for the general consumer who is tech illiterate. I regret getting my 3x Mesh Pro’s…