Help me remove a product I don't have anymore from the app

bought a wyze band. returned it before i removed it from the app. when i open the app, it shows up. i click the pencil to edit devices, click the sign to remove it, it then says it must be done in dev. it then goes to the device to try to connect to it. Of course, it can’t, since I don’t have it anymore! So it fails, and I can’t remove the device from the app.

I did a search, someone has the same problem with a thermostat they returned.

OK> NVM> Here is the solution. You have to wait until it can’t connect, then the 3 dots becomes active, and you can get into the menu to remove the device. The 3 dots on the top right isn’t active until you get the error message saying ‘can’t connect’, not before or during the connection process