Mesh router (not the pro)

Doesnt seem to be an appropriate place to start this topic. Just bought and installed (wired) 4 mesh routers. One of the reasons i wanted this was so i could regulate the connected devices. I use both the main and the guest network and both are affected by my issue. I cant see all the connected devices. I have 14 showing, but nothing else will appear. I did the firmware update. The process of installing these and reconnecting my many cameras and other devices was such a pain that there is no way i am resetting the routers. Why wont all the devices show? I only have about 25 devices connected so im no where near the 50 per router limit. All the connected devices work as they should and have internet access, its justbthat they wont show up on the list under the router on the app (which is also upto date. Is this a known issue by wyze that just hasnt been resolved yet?

From what you typed, we can only guess if there’s a back story. That statement may make a little more sense in a minute.

Unless you had some serious breach, there was no reason not to use your same SSID and passphrase/password for your WiFi… Because this would save you installing and reconnecting. They simply would have come up online again. 99% of the time IoT devices don’t know you have swapped out a router provided you use the same SSID/network name and password to the WiFi.

Right now, if I were you, I would. 1. Unplug power or turn off all the WiFi connected devices you have on. 2. Turn off all the routers/root and nodes. 3. Turn off, unplug power to the cable modem. 4. (This won’t make sense to you, but might have a positive effect in a few minutes 5. Turn off the circuit breaker for any (that you can) WiFi connected devices that you were unable to turn off or remove power in #1. Now that everything you can is off - 6. Turn the circuit breakers back on, 7. Power up the cable modem. Wait 2-3 minutes, 8. Power up the Root router, and now you can also power up the node routers. After 3-4 more minutes, 9. You can begin and complete all the other WiFi devices/IoT devices back on the network.

By flipping those breakers to the WiFi device you could not power down, you have simply forced them to begin looking for a fresh WiFi connection -(that is not there yet) Giving that router a power cycle is going to allow it to generate a new IP Address lease (probably) from its host. Powering those routers off/on will get a fresh connection, but will allow those WiFi connected devices to start seeking/polling for a fresh IP address. (Be don’t know what subnet your old router was on, so there’s an approximate possible 1 in 250 chance your old one is using the same as the new router. So, powering all those WiFi device down forces them (when they start booting back up) to seek a new 192.168.x.x address. The good news is, you can try this when you wish, its not going to cost you any money or sending anything back to some manufacturer.

There’s a free decent utility that will help you count your connected devices. I have used it for years. iOS and Android, called Fing. I’d try it before and after this experiment.

Let us hear if it helped.

Rather than resetting anything, it may just be that the data in the router needs to be refreshed with the server and your app to that new server data before it is all on the same sheet of music.

In the router UI, open the setting :gear: and click Restart. That will reboot the network which will force a restart and update the server.

While the network is rebooting, clear the cache in the app, sign out, close, force stop in the OS App Info, and reboot the phone. Once the phone shows that it is back on the network, open the Wyze app, log in, and see if the router data is updated with the newly added devices.

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When I setup my Wyze Mesh routers, I couldn’t use that same password, the routers didn’t support the special characters I used on my old dd-wrt routers. Very disappointed and frustrating.

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I know that feeling. I was preparing a back up Internet source. When cable went down, I was going to just bring up the second carrier with the same SSID. That plan had 1 flaw. The new carrier would not access a network name of only 3 characters. (I’d been using the three character SSID for 20+ years. ) And during that 20+ years my WiFi devices had grown to 145+ devices. So, before I needed Plan B, I decided I needed to shift everything to a 4 character SSID. That meant tracking down every device and adding it to the newly named net. It took all the entire day. So, I know that feeling and effort.

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Firstly, there is no back story. Its as simple as i laid out. Decided to go with these routers out of personal preference. Followed the app instructions. Not all of my connected devices show up in the app under the router. I powered every device down and restarted everything in order starting from my modem on down. Tried clearing the cache, etc and this has not worked. All of my devices connect to the internet just fine and work just fine. They simply just do not show up as a connected device in the app under the router. This isnt thebend of the world, i would just like to be able to monitor who and when is online and then be able to block said device as needed.

Which devices did not show on the router? I saw this with some of my NAS devices.

I eventually got them to appear.

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Right now im only showing 5 devices - the 4 routers and my cell. I have multiple wyze cams and plugs. I have multiple tvs, multiple laptops and other cell phone’s (large family). None of the are showing on the list, but they are working just fine. Yesterday it was showing 12 devices, it went to 5 after i powered every thing down and restarted them.

Around dinner time i noticed a pattern. Whenever a device was near (and presumably connected to) the root router, devices would start appearing on the list in the app under the router. This seems retarded and needs to be addressed so that they will show up regardless of which router they are connected to. Later that same night, most if not all of my devices just showed up, even the ones not close to the root router. So there you have it. I still have no idea what’s going on. I’ll watch and see if some of the other devices that haven’t been connected yet show up as we connect them. I like these routers minus this one issue. It’s nice having my whole house covered, plus my shop and my immediate yard around the house. I’m in Bfe alaska and cell service is sketchy at my house at best. This system definitely helps.

Not sure what is happening with your routers. I show 34 devices connected among my 4 Mesh (non-pro) routers. Do you maybe have a filter turned on?