V3's with garage, spotlight & floodlight WiFi Disconnect issues

I am noticing that all my V3’s that have accessiories on them (garage, spotlight and floodlights) can never reconnect to the WiFi if I reboot the router or wifi goes out. The only way to get to connect is to unplug them from power and then reset it all. As you can imagine, its a pain in the @$$ when you have 4 floodlights, 3 spotlights and 2 garage door openers that you have to CONSTANTLY do a power reboot (and not always the easiest when its not your primary home).

Any one else experiencing this or have a fix. I am ready to throw out all these damn devices this is so frustrating! :angry: :rage: :rage: :angry: :anger:

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Hi, you don’t have to provide any numbers to my comment. But you should count.
It sounds like you may be exceeding the count of the number of devices your router can handle at one time. Some of your other devices might be "shadow or ghost connections and you have not noticed they are offline. Then when the Wyze devices drop WiFi, they Wyze can’t get back on, because those other devices connected quicker and are using their logical connected count. Then when you join the Wyze again, they are sort of knocking the others offline again.

  1. Look up the specs of your router and find the number of persistent wifi connectios that it can support. Example on the eero 6 its 75 per node. But you can’t move/push extra to another node. This is a problem I had and I had to replace my 6-month old eero mesh.
  2. Then count all of the WiFi connected devices you have or think you have connected. If the number is larger than what your router can support, there’s your answer.

I’ve had this same problem you described. I had to replace my router/mesh to fix it. Its not obvious, so don’t beat yourself up if this solves your issue.

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I’ll second Sam_Bam’s advise. For example, my router at the cottage supports 16 devices on 2.4 GHz and 16 on 5 GHz. The one at home supports 32 per node. Also, to solve the remote power reboot try and plugging the devices on smart plugs, but then that will add more devices to your router.

Good luck!


Thanks for the suggestion; I never thought about that. What mesh did you go to? I use Google WiFi with 6 points

I will say, this is rare. But the good thing is, it cost you no $$ to test. And its not a bad thing knowing the status of your router’s limit.

I was using eero 6e and like it very much. But a weakness was, when I exceeded the 75 node, it would not let me move or reassign them to my other node. I moved to ASUS Zen ET8 2pak. This one support 200 devices. I have 130 IoT devices in my small home. Everything smart even though I am not.

@habib has a very good idea adding the smart wifi plugs. I even have them on Echo Dots. I had Wyze smart plugs on my Wyze V3’s, but Wyze didn’t have the features some of my others wifi smart plugs did, so removed them.

I am using Sonoff S31 wifi smart plugs. I have my Dots, my V3’s and my rounter on S31’s. They store the off/on schedule locally so they don’t need an Internet connection to recycle power to the device. (Love that.) I have cameras and Dot’s restarting with a scheduled off, wait 1, and on at 03:00 - 03:30, daily. I have the router off/on twice a week. The S31 also has a "Power Last State, so they will turn themselves on or off when they lose power, depending on what you wanted.

Here’s a trick. Want to restart a smart plug? Go into settings, select a time 5+ minutes in the future, and give it a schedule “off” then two or three minutes later, another scheduled “on”. This way you don’t technically need a “restart” button, as they often don’t complete. You can test this anytime to insure it works, so you are not left hanging when you really need it to work.

Check the setting/properties of your smart wifi plugs, do they have these features? You don’t need to replace everything, if not. Just those places where you need the capability.

I’m in the process of moving to Starlink for Internet. My house is on smart batteries now. So, when the grid goes down, I have power. When power goes out, we lose cable/Internet. Soon, not me. Starlink will be powered by the house. And the Starlink router can convert to a mesh system by binding another Starlink router to the first. And the Starlink router has not device limit/ceiling.

That is exactly how I restart my router when I need outside my regular schedule.

That’s a great info as Starlink will be available in my area sometime next year.

Glad to have been useful. I encourage you to get the the queue with a an order/deposit.
You can use the Starlink app, to scan your sky. It will show you where coverage is and obstructions. Don’t need a Starlink login account to do it.

Its not intuitive to use that part of the app. Search YouTube for examples.


SO after searching, it looks like the Nest WiFi I have supports 100 devices per node. I have 4 additional nodes and 49 devices on…so i am thinking that its not a Nest WiFi device support issue.

I am going to test tonight if I disconnect the WiFi for 5 minutes, then turn it back on if that fixes it. If it does, then I know its more with the Nest WiFi and will look elsewhere.

However, i had similar results with the Wyze smart outlets too where after powerloss/wifi drop you would have to unplug and plug in to fix it and that was fixed with a firmware update. I really believe that this is a firmware issue…would be nice if Wyze support would chime in

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Don’t count on it. This is user to user forum, Wyze doesn’t monitor it. You could try and contact support yourself.

Back to Starlink for a minute. I am currently waiting on HOA approval to mount the antenna. In the meantime, I have it on a pole in the same clear sky area where I wish to permanently mount it. Its up and running. The app allows us to test speed and the connection. I just hit 218 mps. (nice, eh?) And it has an accessory that you can attach to the router so we have a wired connection. I am not ready to swap the router out to my current WiFi, so I have a temp wifi name applied. I’ve connected the PC via WiFi, but wanted to test the wired. So, turned off wifi on the computer and plugged wire in. Very cool, the speed it gets.

In the meantime, the app/router have a feature that I have not seen before. Under Range, we can “start” and walk around the house and parameter scanning for WiFi signal. It maps your footsteps on what looks like a representation of hex shaped tiles as if on the ground/floor. Turn, backup, forward and it lays down these tiles. They change color to represent signal strength. Unusual how one can walk thru a weak/weaker signal area then it changes color to indicate stronger signal past the weak signal area. I can walk around the outside of the house and find weak and strong spots and they are not consistent as if its a circle. Cool. Can use this to determine if another router is necessary/useful to move up to mesh and improve overall better coverage. Never seen this feature in another manufacturer’s product.

That sounds pretty cool. As for: “Never seen this feature in another manufacturer’s product.” Im not surprised. It’s Elon Musk after all :wink:

I just checked again, and looks like it won’t be available till sometime end of next year :frowning:

Out of curiosity, did you happen to measure the upload speed on Starlink?

Upload? I didn’t. But just did. Download is 184. Upload is 34. Only thing I upload is an attachment in an email.

That is impressive. The upload is faster than my cable internet at home. Instead of using email attachment you can use Speedtest either from a browser or standalone application for Mac/PC or iOS/Android. But, I’m sure you already knew this and you have a reason to use email attachment.

Is that the Tesla smart battery connected to the grid or solar?

Yes, Tesla. Tesla Powerwalls. Connected to their own 12 400watt panels. This pretty much powers the house. There’s another (older) system beside it (parallel) with 35 300-370 watt panels.
The older system is on NEM. The new Powerwall is on NEM+. The older system banks KwH on the grid for me. Both are actually tied to the grid, through the Tesla Gateway and monitors all panels and the Powerwalls. I’ve killed the service panel (outside main) a couple of times for show & tell to neighbors. The lights, the power, not even a blink.

I’m in Hawaii. The state gives up a 35% tax credit. When the feds tax credit was 30% (now 22%), for every $1 we spent, we got 65 cents back. Making all this possible.

Not to mention the high number of sun hours per day. I envy you. I always wanted to go of the grid at least at the cottage, but when I started building it was to expensive and the government incentives were not there yet. Not sure what they are now as the dream has evaporated :wink:

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Hi, just want to check if you are still experiencing this issue.

Yes as of 9am CT this issue still persist

I use Wyze cameras at distant rental homes and cannot conveniently go there to reboot cameras. I started thinking about it and realized all I need to do is be able to turn off the power going to the camera(s). All of my cameras plug into a surge protector inside the attic. So, I’ve ordered a Wyze smart plug and I plan to plug it into the outlet and then plug my surge protector into the smart plug. Viola - now I can cut power/reboot all cameras remotely. Has anyone else tried something like this?