Connecting Devices to a new Router

I have 50 devices that kept going offline with my old router. Bought a new mesh router and my Wyze devices will NOT connect to the new router. Need help in connecting my Wyze devices to the new router.

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If absolutely NONE of them will connect to the new router, it usually means there is a slight difference such as the SSID name has an extra space or used to, or one of the letters is capitalized differently or something. Or the passcode.

Sometimes V2 cameras, V1 white bulbs, v1 plugs, etc take longer to switch over to a new router or may require going through setup again because they like to latch onto more than just the SSID/password for some reason. Most Wyze devices you can usually resolve this by just restarting them (unplug the power and plug back in) and that will force them to reconnect right away.

Some newer devices also use a doubling sequence for trying to reconnect again. So every time it tries to reconnect after a disconnect, it doubles the amount of time in between tries so it gets longer and longer. This interval gets reset when you restart the device, so sometimes cutting power to the device and then booting it back up helps to force it to reconnect sooner.

If none of that works, you might have to go through setup again to get it to latch onto the new router…but I would try the above first.

Let us know if you figure out what it was or if you get it up and running okay.


This may not be the case though, when I replaced my xfinity Gateway with a TP Link Deco x60 mesh router system I set up the new network with the exact same SSID and password as before yet my devices would NOT connect. I had to individually set up all of my devices from scratch…

A month later I got a Netgear mesh system and again made sure to keep the same SSID and password and voila! All of my devices automatically connected. Nothing changed, I kept the exact same SSID and password.

I am just as confused as you, but sometimes it may not actually be a users fault. Sometimes technology can act funny…

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Suggestions and advice are much appreciated, even to help relieve some stress and frustration. I have already been trying to outsmart technology; I changed the SSID and PW back to what they were on the old router. BUT Wyze devices remain offline while all other product devices work fine after a simple reboot; unplug and plug back in - BUT this is NOT working with Wyze devices. And finally, some product devices require reinstalling - BUT again, this does NOT work with Wyze devices; plugs, cameras, thermostat, light bulbs, etc.
I’ll continue to persist but continue to appreciate help.

Does your router provide separate 2.5 and 5 ghz networks with different SSIDs? If not, can you temporarily disable the 5ghz network and try to connect your Wyze devices?


Excellent suggestion. And at least until you get past this problem of connections, IF you can, change the name of the 5 GHz SSID, (if you didn’t already think to do so) to something else, so old devices are trying to only connect and resolve to the 2.4 net.

BTW, all these suggestions above are excellent advice.

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