New router problems connecting to wyze products

Hi, I finally made the switch to a tplink wifi 6 router that I bought 6 months ago. Didn’t want to switch knowing I’d inevitably run to problems. Anyway after connecting the new router I used the same id name and password. None of the wyze products instantly connected, I did a power off reset on all the cams and they all came back and eventually the plugs and sensors connected themselves. I’ve tried powering off the router a few times to try to resolve other issues but the Wyze products still aren’t instantly connecting when the router loses power like they would with my previous router. Anyone have any ideas?


What other issues on which Wyze products?
Even though you used the same SSID and PWD the MAC address of the router is different.
Use a different SSID and reinstall each device to the new system.

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Hum strange … there are posts that clam that it should work.

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Hi @glu2, Yes it should work but seems to have trouble resolving the connection. The only other suggestion is to power down the router and everything connected to it for 10 minutes.

Power up the router and wait for it to establish a good connection w/the ISP. At this point all existing sessions will have been closed and you will get a new IP address (unless static) and the signal will retrain. If establishing this connection takes longer then the orig. rouer you may need to call your ISP and give them the new router’s MAC address but the 10 min reset should reset it.

Connect your android and then the cameras and establish connection before powering up another.

If it doesn’t work any better, take a look at the router DHCP settings, extend the lease time. Can also use a “reserved IP” address based on the MAC address of the camera. A reserved address doesn’t need to wait for a new assignment.

Don’t have much more to suggest.

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Thanks for the help, was not really wanting to have to go through the setup process with the cams again. Only other problem I’m having now is trying to reconnect the bulbs. I’ve read various tips to no avail, I’ll try setting up the bulbs on an another device or playing around with the router settings a bit more.

Do you have only one SSID for your router? If yes, your router probably try to use the 5GHz band. You must have set an SSID for 2.4GHz for your wyze stuff.

Do not despair. When it’s too easy, we don’t learn. :slightly_smiling_face: Create an SSID that will only use the 2.4GHz band. Another for 5.8GHz and another for wifi6 (?). Good luck!

I have 2 different ones I created. The 5g one ends in 5g. I did think up something else though. I have a dash - in my ID and in the wyze app from the cam info it reads as a * . Not sure if that has anything to do with anything.

If possible it’s best to leave any special characters out of SSID’s.

Okay, another update. my original router was a dual router/modem combo. It has a bridge mode which is supposed to disable the router and function purely as a modem for my new wifi 6 router, but it seems like it was still giving off a faint low power wifi signal which was interfering with the new router signal. Since I was trying to use the same ssid, my various connected devices would try to connect once in a while to the old disabled signal. I got a single function modem swapped it in and everything is working back to normal. Same old ssid with a dash - in it is working fine now.