Switching to a mesh network

I thought I read somewhere that you could change your ssid and password to mirror your old router and not have to go through setup on each device. I have a bunch of cameras and sensors and bulbs and that would be a real painful experience I’m afraid. Is that still possible with the current updates? :crossed_fingers:

@Seth_In_Tx Yes, that is correct if you use the same SSID and password from the old router, the cameras and other devices will connect as usual without going through the setup process again. :slightly_smiling_face:


I can vouch for what StopICU33 says. I recently switched to a Google WiFi mesh setup and didn’t have to make any changes to my devices because I kept my SSID and PW the same. Phew.


Thanks guys, that’s a real relief. Was not looking forward to that. Peace . . .


Yeah, like everyone else said, it will just detect the same connection as long as the new router has the same name and same password.

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