Maltiverse blocking legit site. How to unblock

Maltiverse blocking legit site. How do I unblock this site?


The Wyze mesh router has built in threat detection. It’s blocking a legit site I use. I need to unblock it in the router.

Wyze uses FireDome for protection. There is no White list vs blacklist that you can set to bypass FireDome.

I would reach out to Wyze Support and let them know so they can get it allowed.

You can go here:

and use the chat to get in touch with Wyze.

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Glad I don’t have their mesh router, just another lame Whyze oversight :thinking:

So far Wyze support hasn’t been able to help. I was just told to either turn off parental controls. ( not even enabled ) or ask my loan site to give me another means of access.

Do you have a ticket number?

If so, can you please provide it here.


Ticket # 3557490

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No problem. Thank you for following up.

Wow, now support is asking me to factory reset my router. Why would they put in something that can block sites without a way for the user to whitelist sites if they choose. This router has really been a let down so far. It has so much potential.

You have the Pro Router?

Did they get the site whitelisted for you?

Not sure why you would have to reboot the router.

Yes, I got the pro router with a second for wired backhaul. Support really doesn’t seem to know what I am asking for. They are thinking it just isn’t loading the page I think. They sent me instructions to factory reset. :slight_smile:

It is possible that they are following the set process to ensure it is nothing local. but it sounds like Firedome is blocking your page. So Wyze would need to make a request to Whitelist your site.

@davidwoodard1 , you could try sending an email to and see if they can assist with this/

Is it Firedome or Maltiverse? My threats show Maltiverse is blocking, with no mention of Firedome. They appear to be different products…

Maltiverse might be the threat detection engine. Firedome is probably the company using the Maltiverse engine for our Mesh routers.

I have a ticket open with Wyze to unblock all TikTok CDN’s and because Maltiverse keeps randomly block some TikTok addresses and all addresses for

We basically have no control over the threat detection portion of our Mesh Pro Routers and it sucks. These routers were not designed for IT folk or folks who are tech literate. These routers are for the normal joe shmoe who wants to plug it in and forget about it…