How to bypass Wyze Router Threat Detection

My mesh router keeps blocking me from adding my wireless printer to the wifi because its detecting it as malware. Is there anyway to bypass this?

That sounds weird if it is on the local network. I don’t understand how that would in the Firedome list on the Wyze router to block it. How do you know the Wyze router is blocking it? Are you getting a message or threat warning? Can you show a screenshot?

This is important enough that I’d encourage you to create a support ticket about this.

Having said that, you could probably add the Mac Address as a DHCP reservation with a dedicated IP address. Then it should recognize the MAC address as approved.

All those attempts there are me trying to connect my wireless printer to the internet. It is added via bluetooth and through the rollo app. The printer itself does not have an IP address or I don’t know where to grab it from so I’m not sure how I’d go about adding DHCP reservation you’re talking about.

Yikes! Your printer is throwing all kinds of red flags here. There are LOTS of totally different outside IP addresses it is trying to connect to, when it should mostly be a local device. It might actually truly be infected with Malware. I’m just saying this is extremely unusual for a Printer is throwing all sorts of red flags up .

It’s possible that it has a misconfiguration or firmware problem though. I would probably try resetting it to factory settings, seeing if I could update the firmware or flash the firmware.

In your shoes, I would also try to Isolate the Printer in the future now, Scan it for Malware, Check the printer’s Network Settings and ensure they are configured correctly. Update Firmware to the latest version.

Having said that, your Printer’s MAC address might be on a sticker or something on the back of the printer or somewhere like that. Similar to where they would put the Serial number. It just doesn’t make sense that it is trying to reach out to so many completely different IP addresses. = Tifton, Georgia, United States = Changchun, Jilin, China = Shandong, China = Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

Personally, I think the router is doing you a favor in blocking the printer. I can’t think of a good reason it is trying to call home to China to pass on your data in order to set itself up locally on your local network. Those are huge red flags. I’d probably be ditching that printer and thanking Wyze for blocking it.

What brand of Printer is it? None of my printers have called home to China to give them my data. :thinking:

Interesting, that’s good to know.

I factory resettled it and it seem to do the trick.

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I’m glad you got it to work like you wanted!

Keep an eye on your threat notifications just in case it turns out to maybe be some other device in the house or something else continues to trigger those warnings. At that point, it might be worth checking some of your devices for Malware. I think it’s great to see that the Wyze router was blocking some of those suspicious things for you. Hopefully they go away and things go back to normal.